7 Benefits of Turmeric

Written by Felix Rono

Turmeric and its Benefits  

Turmeric is an edible root used as an ingredient in preparing different types of meals. It is yellow and belongs to the ginger family. Turmeric is native to Asian countries such as India and China. It is prepared by sun-drying and then crushing the roots of the perennial ginger plant to obtain a fine yellow powder.  

Most of the turmeric benefits are well known by its native users. In the recent past, scientific studies have verified the cultural benefits and even revealed more. Turmeric offers you 7 major benefits. This makes it a necessary component of every meal.   

Adds Flavor 

Turmeric is commonly known for its ability to add flavor and taste to different meals and beverages. It is a common spice in the Southasian traditional cuisines such as chicken, rice, soup, salads, and tea among others. In its role as a spice, turmeric gives the appetizing yellow color to food. It is also used in many Asian countries as a food color to give an appealing and attractive look. 

Unlike artificial flavors, turmeric has a natural and unique taste. Turmeric has a mixture of 3 distinct tastes. It tastes slightly like pepper, with a bit of bitterness and ginger. Its diverse tastes make it applicable to different cuisines. Turmeric, when used as a flavor, does not result in negative side effects. This has made it a popular ingredient in Asia and globally. 

Protects against Hereditary Conditions 

Regular consumption of turmeric may help you improve immunity against many conditions. The protection ability of turmeric is domiciled in its curcuminoids compounds. Curcumin, an important compound of turmeric, protects against hereditary and lifestyle diseases such as cancer, liver, and lung conditions. It is not a cure for cancer, but it may be a major ingredient in establishing it. Many studies are still ongoing on the use of curcumin to treat cancer. 

Research has revealed that turmeric consumption slows down the growth of tumors. People who consume sufficient amounts of curcumin have a low prevalence of getting cancer. Some findings reveal that turmeric has low amounts of curcumin making it less effective in combating cancerous cells. However, food supplements with Curcumin are available to help you in such instances. 

Fat Absorption 

Curcumin helps your body to absorb excess fat. It is therefore recommended that you use turmeric in preparing food with high-fat content. The absorption of excess fat enhances the proper circulation of blood in your veins and arteries. Most heart conditions such as high blood pressure and stroke normally occur due to the accumulation of excess fat which inhibits proper blood flow. In essence, curcumin helps in avoiding conditions such as hyper blood pressure.  

Curcumin protects your heart against heart diseases in two major ways. First, it protects the endothelium membrane of the heart. This makes the heart to function efficiently and effectively. Secondly, the Curcumin nurtures the thin membrane in the blood vessels and arteries. This makes turmeric an important ingredient for you due to the sharp rise in hereditary conditions. 

Boosts immune System 

Curcumin protects against many infectious diseases by boosting your immune system. It helps to inhibit the bacteria and pathogens that pose a danger to your body. It is a natural anti-inflammatory medication with the features of an antibiotic. Curcumin in its anti-inflammatory nature is beneficial than pharmaceutical drugs since it doesn’t have negative side effects.   

Currently, the world is bombarded with numerous infections. Some of the infections like the coronavirus tend to mostly infect and kill people with a compromised immune system. This makes turmeric a necessary component for combating viral infections that have no cure. However, achieving immunity needs regular uptake of turmeric in the right proportions. 

Slows Down Aging 

Aging is a normal biological process that affects everyone. However, some people age faster than others due to their lifestyle, namely culinary habits. Aging caused by undesirable lifestyle exposes you to lifestyle conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Research shows that curcumin slows down aging. It keeps age-related conditions at bay. This helps to lower the cost of medical healthcare in old age. 

Scientific studies reveal that curcumin significantly slows down the aging process. This is attributed to the antioxidant nature of the component. In its anti-oxidant role, curcumin collaborates with the body’s antioxidant enzymes to eliminate free radicals. Active consumers of turmeric tend to be much healthy and fit in comparison to their peers. 

Combats arthritis 

Arthritis, a disease related to the weakening of the bones mostly affects aging people. Turmeric plays a significant role in the treatment of arthritis. Use of turmeric results in enhanced physical activity and improved stiffness among persons suffering from osteoarthritis.  

The effectiveness of turmeric in treating arthritis has been tested scientifically as demonstrated in some major drugs. Meriva, a drug used in managing arthritis contains 10% Curcumin. Additionally, the use of Curcumin has shown the ability to lower pain among patients. It has also resulted in a stagnation of disease progression to the chronic stage, which fails to respond to medication. 

Mental Wellness 

Turmeric boosts your mental health by relieving stress and depression. Many people are suffering from mental health due to the pressures of life. The hardening economic times brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have accelerated the mental issues among many. The coronavirus pandemic has created massive job losses; this has, in turn, caused problems in many marriages.  

Studies show that curcumin helps to address depression.  It helps to significantly reduce both mild and chronic depressions. Since Curcumin is an anti-oxidant, it helps to combat radicals that are responsible for causing stress and depression. Studies reveal that turmeric is highly effective in improving mental health. Additionally, it is compatible with other drugs since it is natural. 

In summary, turmeric has numerous health and culinary benefits. It is one of the most preferred ingredients in most Asian countries due to its flavor and 3 distinct tastes. The health benefits derived from turmeric is mostly attributed to its curcumin component. The curcumin helps to protect against hereditary conditions such as cancer. It also helps to improve fat absorption thus protecting against heart conditions. Additionally, it boosts your immune system, slows down aging, and helps to combat arthritis. Moreover, curcumin enhances your mental well-being since it is an anti-oxidant.