Aasia Bibi’s lawyer wants German passports for her and family

Saiful Mulook, the lawyer for Aasia Bibi, has urged Germany to help his client and her family leave Pakistan.

In a press conference in Frankfurt, Mulook said that Aasia Bibi is now free but she needs a passport to leave the country.

Bibi was cleared of blasphemy charges by the Supreme Court and she is now living at an undisclosed location due to threats to her life.

Mulook has himself sought asylum in the Netherlands, citing threats to his life from religious groups.

“The whole world is asking why she’s not coming,” Mulook told Reuters. “The answer is first that to leave a country you need a visa or you require a passport of another country.”

“If the German chancellor directs her ambassador to give a passport to her, her husband and her two daughters conferring German nationality, nobody can stop her for one second because she is no longer Pakistani,” he added.

Despite pressure from religious groups, the Pakistani government has said it would protect Aasia Bibi and her family.

“As a citizen of Pakistan, Aasia Bibi and her family are entitled to all rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan,” Prime Minister Imran Khan told European Parliament President Antonio Tajani last week.