Benefits of Sattu – The Clean Protein

By Silpi Patnaik

Benefits of Sattu 

Sattu is high in protein, low in carbs, rich in antioxidants and full of essential fats which put together makes it a complete and wholesome food.  

All ingredients used in making Sattu Protein Flour are readily available and affordable as well. 

Indian pulses and lentils are, nowadays, available worldwide in South Asian grocery outlets and are always reasonably priced. For instance, a Toronto based grocery chain named Longos has a shelf dedicated to Indian pulses that are very fairly tagged. All one needs to do is buy them and blend his very own Sattu Flour Mix that can replace all other posh and pricey protein supplements that have been crowding his cupboards. Isn’t it good news for everyone? 

All ingredients are simple, natural and gluten-free.  

No fancy items are involved in the preparation of such a highly nutritious protein mix. The raw materials that go into Sattu are conventionally produced, indigenous and have primitive origins. Moreover, they are all gluten-free which puts aside the risk of infections, allergies or any other adverse medical reactions.  

Split Chickpeas(Chana Dal)— packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibres, Split Chickpeas are a powerhouse of nutrients.They keep our appetite under control by leaving us full for a long timeThe plant protein in them play a sturdy role in weight management making it a perfect food alternative for the vegetarians, the vegans and the exercise addicts. Further the fibre content in it aids in a proper and regular bowel movement and is therefore known to work on the overall digestive health. 

Black Chickpeas/ Bengal Gram/ Kala Chana— It is low in fat, high in fibre and replete with vitamins and minerals. The protein and fibre portion of Black Chickpeas are superior enough to keep you satiated for long thereby putting a check on unnecessary food cravings. Apart from helping  in weight managementthey are also known to reducing bad cholesterol. 

They also provide a range of health benefits like stabilizing Blood Sugar, preventing type2-Diabetes, forming hemoglobin, boosting metabolism and the overall energy level.  

Flat Rice Flour/ Finger Millet Flour/ Whole Wheat Flour—Adding a small quantity of any one of these flours makes the Sattu wholesome. These are sources of good carbs that provide nutrition to the body from head to toe. They curb hunger pangs and keep both the body and mind contented. Good carbs are also known to work on insane mood swings and are therefore beneficial in a psychological level too. 

Peanuts/Groundnuts/Earthnuts— Although cashews, almonds and walnuts can be added to Sattu to make it more enriching, yet the basic version makes use of Peanuts because they are inexpensive and most easily available dry nuts. They are undoubtedly the most affordable protein packed nut. They are Low in carbs, high in protein, rich in essential fats and a source of significant vitamins and minerals like Folate, Vit E, Phosphorus, Manganese to name a few. Raw peanuts are divine for skin and hair health. And being a house of necessary fats, they also help in a steady maintenance of weight. 

Sattu can be prepared at home and doesn’t involve the use of any sophisticated or high decibel machinery. All it demands is some slow roasting followed by grinding which can be achieved with a girdle and a grinder, both of which are always found in households. Sattu fulfills the dietary needs of each and every member of family, irrespective of gender and age. Whether it is a six-month old toddler, a hormonally high adolescent, calcium deficit mothers or the aging grand-parents, Sattu has a piece of love to share with everyone. It happens to be the most convenient comfort food in the kitchen closet.  

Some tried and tested recipes using Sattu flour- 

Sattu Breakfast Bowl 

4-6 heaped tbsps seems homemade Sattu Flour 

½ cup Milk 

¼ cup grated Coconut 

1 ripe Banana 

½ Apple 

Desired Nuts & Dry Fruits.  

Thoroughly mash half of the banana in the Sattu flour and mix well using milk bringing it to a thick consistency. Add in the fresh grated coconut for a slightly crunchy texture. Chop the other half of the banana and the apple into thin slices and arrange them on top of the Sattu bowl. Finish with shaves of almonds/ walnuts/raisins for nutty interruptions. 

Post-Workout Sattu Protein Shake 

4 tbsps Sattu Flour 

2 tbsps Yogurt(hung curd) 

Some Black salt 

½ tbsp fresh ground Cumin 

¼ tbsp Jaggery 

½ cup Water 

Blend Sattu flour with yogurt and water to prepare a semi-thick shake-like concoction. Season with black salt and cumin and finally wind up with drizzles of grated jaggery for an incredibly satisfying climax. 

Sattu Flour Parathas 

Sattu can also be mixed with onions, garlic, coriander & chat masala to prepare a flavourful stuffing for whole wheat parathas. Served with condiments of choice, it can actually raise the nutritional value of the platter by a huge measure. 

Perfect for lunch or dinner, these Sattu Parathas are proteinaceous, fibrous and full of health.  

Guilt free Sattu Ice Cream 

The experience of eating Sattu can be heightened to another level altogether by preparing an ice cream out of it. It might sound preposterous in the beginning, but once done with overripe mashed bananas, coconut milk, pistachio bits, chips of dark chocolate and then frozen and scooped into a biscuity cone, it would turn every weight-watcher’s dream into a tactile reality.