HUM Serial: Bund Khirkiyan

The story of HUM’s latest drama Bund Khirkiyan highlights the social norms and values of our society set by the dominant male mindset. For eons we have lived in a society where women face a series of hardships from birth to death due to patriarchy and male dominance. It’s true that men care and provide for the women in their family,but the disturbing fact remains that they feel entitled to hold primary power and predominate in every role. Bund Khirkiyan is a story of two sisters Sabohi and Midhat and highlights how one of the two sisters falls prey to patriarchal beliefs instilled in the minds of women that their thoughts, beliefs and opinions do not matter and have no right to be given the choice of freedom or make their own decisions. The story conveys the message that It is highly crucial for people to understand that it is not enough to just provide a home for women and deny them all other rights. The storyemphasizes that women should have their own voice, freedom and individual identity.

Written by: Seema Munaf

Directed by: AsadJabbal

Produced by: Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions

Cast: Sara Khan, Agha Ali, Agha Mustafa, AnumFayyaz, Seemi Pasha, Mariam Mirza, Akbar Islam and others.

Date & Time: Every Friday at 9:10pm