HUM Serial: Mein Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka

The story of HUM TV’s latest drama serial Main KhayalHoon Kisi AurKadeals with love, complicated relations, sacrifices and social pressures. This romantic serial revolves around Armaan, his adopted brotherZaryab and Daniya. Armaan is an overseas Pakistani who falls in love with Daniya during his visit to Pakistan and moves heaven and earth to marry her, only to find out on his wedding night that Daniya was in a relationship with someone very close to him. Armaan decides tosacrifice his love for Daniya’s happiness and part ways with her so she could be wither true love. On the other hand,Daniya’s love interest comes out as a weak individual tied by social pressures which leaves her broken and devastated. The plot highlights how an unaware individual breaks all relationscausing mental stress, torment and torture for everyone.

Written by Shabana Ghulam Ali, the play stars the most loved on-screen couple Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman in lead roles. It will also mark the debut of Alamdar Hussain and RucksarNaaz in key roles. The play is directed by EmraanKaleemMallick and other cast members are Mahjabeen Habib, Zia Ghurchani, AnjumHabibi, Sabina Ahmed, Imran Farooq, ShehramAkram and others.

Date and Time: Every Saturday at 8:00 pm

Cast:Hareem Farooq, Ali Rehman, Alamdar khan, RucksarNaaz, Mahjabeen Habib, Zia Ghurchani, AnjumHabibi, Sabina Ahmed, Imran Farooq, ShehramAkram, and others.

Writer:Shabana Ghulam Nabi


Produced by: Imran Raza, Hareem Farooq, Arif Lakhani and MD productions