Indian Filmmaker Ursula Manvatkar’s teaser poster for ‘Hello Shabnam’ looks very promising

Hello Shabnam

Dubai based Indian filmmaker – Ursula Manvatkar – has revealed the first poster of her crime thriller web-series “Hello Shabnam,” on her social media accounts. The poster has received a lot of reviews and looks very promising. Ursula is currently filming and will release more details soon. The details of cast and crew is not known yet, but she’s known to have collaborated with artists and talents from India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Recently, her psycho-horror film ‘The Last Chance’ that was recently screened at a media event in Dubai has now been picked by Tonic T.v. in the US. It is due to stream on January 2023 onwards on their platform. The film was released earlier this year on Digiplex OTT platform, which is a new Indian platform for independent content. This was Ursula Manvatkar’s first film as a director and second as a scriptwriter.

“Hello Shabnam” is Manvatkar’s attempt at a very unique combination of Crime and Sci-fi. She plans to shoot it across various locations in India and Pakistan. Ursula has tied up with Roy Motion Pictures from Pakistan among others to execute the project. When asked about her project Hello Shabnam, Ursula Manvatkar said, “This is my most ambitious project ever as we have involved three countries for this project. I strongly believe the audience will enjoy the series as we have put in a lot of thought in the screenplay development.” 

Manvatkar has produced and co-produced several award-winning short films in the past such as ‘The Final Straw’, ‘Chappal’, ‘The Kick’, ‘The Evidence’ and ‘Let it Go’. Ursula’s projects have won her over 25 Awards and several nominations across film festivals globally. She is also well respected in the UAE media circle as a very dedicated producer and filmmaker.

Hoping this combination of UAE, India and Pakistan fills the void in entertainment that the region is craving for and “Hello Shabnam,” is a series we are all looking forward to watch.