Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 get 3.5 Stars

A sequel in the right direction!

By Hasan Kazmi – Film Critic

Usually, banking on a sequel is the world’s worst bet but Humayun Saeed and Co. managed to break the jinx with their latest offering Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2. Written by Vasay Chaudhry and directed by Nadeem Baig, the film takes you on a rollercoaster ride where you end up laughing because of the dialogues, the situations and above all, the expressions. There is no slapstick comedy here but clean humor that is equally enjoyable with friends and families.

The film has a surprise factor in Fahad Mustafa who replaces Hamza Ali Abbasi in the second installment and does a commendable job, especially in front of the scene-stealing duo of Ahmad Ali Butt and Vasay Chaudhry. Humayun Saeed plays Sherry the friend who is always in trouble despite being rich and single; here he is Missing in Action until his friends find him in a mental asylum and take him out on their own guarantee without knowing what’s going to happen when their wives find out. Add some of the most beautiful actresses in the country, a Pakistan-hating Indian ambassador and a world-famous designer and you get a perfect combo that is all set to break records.

Many criticize Humayun Saeed for playing lead roles in films but he has been active more in films than on TV in last few years; except for lip syncing he is perfect to play the lead for a couple more years and afterward go for meaningful roles of a mature person. Kubra Khan was a revelation here and was able to match Humayun every step of the way. Ahmad Ali Butt surprised all with his quick timing and makeover while the duo of Fahad Mustafa and Mawra Hocane brought freshness with their entry. Vasay Chaudhry was able to raise the bar as one of the most talented writer/actors in the country while Sohail Ahmed was a masterclass in the role of the father of the bride. Omer Shehzad was able to make the audience hate him for he was the intended dulha before he tried to fight for what was his right.

One must mention Kanwaljit Singh who was impressive as always and made you like Indians as well. The film’s idea of an India – Pakistan love story is what is appealing to people in Pakistan because here we are peace-loving people and that’s what is shown on the screen. Internationally the film is doing well and although the numbers given by the distributors seem too hard to believe, we are hoping that it ends as one of the highest grosser of all time and benefits Pakistan’s industry in coming days.