Load Wedding gets 4/5!

By Film Critic Hasan Kazmi

Load Wedding is certainly a giant step towards taking the Pakistani Cinema in right direction. Started as a simple romantic story and gradually advanced to tackle bigger social issues like dowry and how it can tear a lower-middle income family apart.

Load Wedding is a brilliant story set in the rural town of central Punjab that tries to address several social issues one by one in a realistic environment. From marrying to a widow, to polio campaign, to a greater issue of dowry.
This is not a typical Nabeel Qureshi Karachiite film. It is entirely based in Punjab and Nabeel pulled it off in real style. The typical Punjabi oriented jokes are truly entertaining. 

The film shows fresh organic locations of Punjab are breathtaking!

The story of a small town man Raja who happens to love Meeru and they got married finally, but wait the real story starts from here. Those who understand the Punjabi culture will surely relate to it.
Nabeel never tried to insert unnecessary glamour in the story and this film is free from item number etc.

My love for Nabeel and Fizza dates back to “Na Maloom Afraad” for their bold take on several social evils and this one truly stands tall.

Fahad Mustafa is a superstar, he leads the character of Raja with grace.
Mehwish Hayat, undoubtedly the most successful Pakistani Heroine, by any standards. Her expressions tell you the emotions and she never tried to speak much. A difficult character played impressively by her.
Faiza Hasan The central attention seeker, Baby Baji is the one with whom you sympathise, hate her, love it and admire her. A job well done.
Fahim Khan plays the role of a publicity hungry Ashiq Rafquat was too good. It takes the story to its to climax and yet hands over when it needed.
Fizza Ali Meerza I admire you always for your courage to take such issues to big screen. The true cinema.
Nabeel Qureshi Once again you impressed me with flawless work. The climax wasn’t easy to handle but you did it like to pro, as if this is your 100th film.

I wish #LoadWedding all the best and I am sure it is a blockbuster!