On the edge of a third world war!

I still remember my two sons when they were little boys and I caught them playing with matches.STOP! No! No! You will get hurt. The mother in me was alarmed, the mother in me wanted to protect, The Mother in me wanted to save! Save my children from every harm! “Don’t do this! Never ever play with matches!”
Today I see two super powers of the world: India and Pakistan playing the most dangerous game, “playing with matches.” A game that can result in the whole world engulfed in a vicious fire and those matches are the nukes in this case. The Mother is none other then United Nations, who is conveniently keeping its eyes tightly closed to the most danger ous game being played on the globe right now.
Kashmir was always a dispute of two very different ideologies, egos and a personal vendetta of a few selfish politicians on the other side of Pakistan’s border.
How can the United Nations let these stubborn children play such a risky game!A game of playing with matches! It makes me question United Nations goodwill, honesty, intentions and integrity as a peace maker of the world. Mark my words when I say this, what seems like mere tensions on the borders of India and Pakistan can quickly escalate to a full-fledged third world war in a matter of minutes unless United Nations plays the role of a responsible, fair and partial Mother, a peace-keeper and a fire extinguisher between the two feisty kids.
Unless the UN does what it must to deescalate the situation, the horrific results of a third world war will result in unimaginable catastrophe which is looking very real now. The UN’s verdict can result in a situation that can very quickly get out of hand and escalate in two nuclear countries bombing each other resulting in wiping out more than a billion people of this planet.
STOP playing with matches for God’s sake! Mother United Nations do what any responsible mother must do when you (UN) give your verdict in front of the world  to decide the future of Kashmir!
Stop playing with matches (Pakistan & India) when the world is made of paper!
By Saman Hasnain Shah
Former Mrs. Pakistan World