One on one with Ravish Zahid-Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

By Arubiyyah Qadir Balouch

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 – Ravish Zahid Thomas

Congratulations on winning the Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 title! Why did you want to become Mrs. Pakistan World? And What does becoming Mrs. Pakistan World mean to you? 

I want to become Mrs. Pakistan World to show the world that Pakistani women are more than just being oppressed, conservative, and uneducated. I want to represent my home country of Pakistan in all facets and show everyone that Pakistani women can also be cultured, morally strong, beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, and resilient. 

Becoming Mrs. Pakistan World is a dream come true. It is a great honor and, I must say, a great privilege to become Mrs. Pakistan World 2020. Being able to represent Pakistani married women not only in Pakistan and the United States of America but, rather, at an international level around the globe is a great opportunity.  I am beyond glad and humbled as a married Pakistani woman to be able to get this title to inspire more married women and help them make a positive change in their community through their individuality. 

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 – Ravish Zahid Thomas

As Mrs. Pakistan World what is your advocacy, which means what do you stand for in life?  

As Mrs. Pakistan my advocacy is to spread awareness on importance of education. Give education to your kids, especially your daughters and don’t treat them any less than your sons. My prime objective is to spread awareness and educate parents to give daughters equal privileges and autonomy as sons. Let them go out, get education, work, gain confidence and experience the real world. Let them make mistakes and let them learn from it. Trust them and most of all believe in them and their aspirations. Let them be the decisionmakers of their lives and you will see the difference. Independent self-made women are so much stronger than other women. They are not any less than strong, successful men in our societies. I want to motivate parents and young women to dream big. They too can embody a successful career while upholding their culture, heritage and family values.  

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 – Ravish Zahid Thomas

What does the title of Mrs. Pakistan World mean to you? 

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 title means to me that pageants are more than just being pretty. I want to show everyone that dreams do come true, therefore never give up on them. If you can’t chase them, don’t surrender them either. If you get the opportunity seize it. Who knew that I will be getting interviewed for the Mrs. Pakistan World title today? It was just a dream when I was a little girl and now it’s a reality. 

What are the hobbies of Mrs. Pakistan World, Ravish Zahid – Thomas?  

My hobbies are studying, creating content for my blog page, shopping, hanging out with family and friends, and cleaning the house. Yes, I am a little OCD! 

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 – Ravish Zahid Thomas

To the women who are married how can you motivate them as their representative & what would you actually do?  

I will motivate married women by having an open one-on-one conversation with them through emails, social media, direct messages or however it may be. I will encourage all women with big dreams like me, to come talk to me about their dreams, their accomplishments, their worries, and their impediments. I will help them, guide them, and showcase them the “power of believing”. I will show them that age, size, color, marital status are all superficial things. I will persuade them that in this not very friendly society of women, they can still make their name with their true passion, hard work and dedication. I will do everything possible to inspire them, especially those who are unappreciated or discouraged for whatever reason to enhance their confidence and morale. 

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 – Ravish Zahid Thomas

You will be going to international pageants too, how will you prepare for it? 

I will do anything and everything needed of me to showcase my best self and represent myself and my home country Pakistan at international levels. I will keep in constant touch with the Mrs. Pakistan World organization throughout the process to keep me preparedI will keep myself on the top when it comes to learning and preparingI will make sure I give all my time possible to take it seriously. I will put my heart and soul into it and make sure I do anything and everything to make myself and others proud of me, especially my home countryPakistan. 

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 – Ravish Zahid Thomas

What advice would you want to give to other married women? 

I know not everyone of us comes from open, modern, and liberal families.

Fashion, modelling, acting, and pageant industry is not considered a very respectable field for some women in our society, but keep in mind no job is bad until you are doing poorlyKeep in mind that whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something to say about you and that’s life. Follow your dreams, don’t let society define what you can and can’t do. If you want to be an actor then be one, if you want to be a model then be one. Sit with your family, talk to your husband, talk to your parents, talk to your inlaws. Get their confidence and tell them what these careers mean to you. Express to them your feelings, and your love and passion for your dreams. I promise they will understand and support you. Lastly, keep in mind “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “as said by Paulo Coelho. So, keep your head up, keep your heart strong and continue chasing your dreams to make a difference together.