Only One Pakistani University Makes it to Top 500 in Latest Rankings

Oxford University kept its slot as the world’s best institution for the third year in a row, while Cambridge maintained its second best position for the second consecutive year.

As far as Pakistani universities are concerned, only one university made it to the top 500 in this list.

Pakistani Universities in World Rankings

Pakistan has also managed to gain representation on the World University Rankings. Its Quaid-i-Azam University stands at 401-500 ranking worldwide. It is also ranked at the 79th position in the Asia University Rankings.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology ranks at 601-800 position.

The University of Agriculture, Faisalabad follows with a ranking of 801-1000th. The University of Karachi ranks at the 800+ slot while the University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Government College University Lahore, University of Lahore, and University of Peshawar rank at 1001+ position.

Other universities that share the same rankings (1001+) are PMAS Arid Agriculture University and the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Most Represented Nations

According to the Times Higher Education, UK is no more the second-most represented nation in the rankings. Although the United Kingdom has 98 institutions in the list of 1250 universities, it has lost this spot to Japan that has 103 positions in the list.

Nevertheless, UK does keep its status as a second-most represented nation in the top 200.

Neither UK nor Japan managed to take the most-represented country as the US retained the spot for the second year in a row, having 172 institutions in the rankings.

Meanwhile, China has joined the league of most-represented nations, being sixth in the top 200. It is home to seven universities slotted in the elite group, presenting three more than the last year.

Its new top university, Tsinghua, claimed the 22nd spot this year, surpassing the UK’s London School of Economics, which stands at 26 and the University of Edinburgh that drooped from joint 27 to 29.

New Comers

Moreover, Yale University of the US has entered the joints of top ten by claiming the eighth joint. France has joined the league of top 50 for the first time since 2011. Many other universities in Italy, Spain, and Canada have also jumped up.

It is worth mentioning here that Iraq, Jamaica, Nepal, Tanzania, and Kazakhstan are represented for the first time in the rankings.

Top Ten Universities Across the Globe

Here are the top 10 universities according to the recent rankings:

  1. University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
  2.  University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  3. Stanford University (United States)
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
  5. California Institute of Technology (United States)
  6. Harvard University (United States)
  7. Princeton University (United States)
  8. Yale University (United States)
  9. Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
  10. University of Chicago (United States)