Speaking to the Founder of DivaCup – Carinne Chambers – Saini

By Arubiyyah Qadir Balouch DivaCup is a great idea and concept, but there is a lot to do internationally about it! How did…

Canadian International AutoShow 2020

EWN – Enterprising Women Network, a mentoring program for women!

Speaking with the EWN Canada chapter, this is an overview of a program that…



Sattu – The Yogiterian Food

Written by Silpi Patnaik In a society where everyone is going bonkers over managing his weight, “Protein Drinks,…

South Asian Jaggery- the 24 carat Gold

Written by Silpi Patnaik “Run Run, as fast as you can…you can’t catch me I’m a Gingerbread Man”, says the puny 

A standard meal plan for Southasians with diabetes

By Arubiyyah Qadir Balouch Diabetes is an epidemic in the Southasian sub-continent, and the…




Rishi Kapoor’s Must Watch Movies

Written by  Amrita Gupta Bollywood fraternity lost an iconic actor of…

Remembering Irrfan Khan’s Movies

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"Haiwan" Coming soon only on ARY Digital

“Haiwan” Coming soon only on ARY Digital

Today we’re about to announce about an upcoming Pakistani serial called Haiwan to air on very soon  only on ARY Digital.  And interesting fact…

PEMRA says TV channels need to stop producing ‘bold, indecent’ dramas

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has directed all satellite television channels of the country…


Californian Resident Kevaan Hasnain wins Mr. Pakistan World 2020

Born and raised in California, 

Rabiya Mansoor, Pakistani Canadian Comedian

By Arubiyyah Qadir Balouch Give us a little insight on how you got involved…


8th PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2018

The Pakistan Fashion Design Council in collaboration with L’Oréal Paris, the world’s leading beauty brand, is set to present PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal…

Nomi Ansari presents Qabool Hai