Surbhi Rana instigates Anup Jalota to BREAK UP with Jasleen Matharu, Srishty Rode & Shivashish have a HUGE fight

The glass walled house of Bigg Boss 12 has always been a hotpot of controversies since the Day 1. The concept of Jodis Vs Singles is gaining popularity as the equations are changing overnight with the type of tasks Bigg Boss is making the inmates do. The highlight of yesterday’s episode as we have reported earlier is the much publicised on air break up of Anup Jalota but there is a twist to this. Those who missed out yesterday’s show, here’s what happened. So, Anup Jalota picked up the topic of him getting nominated because Jasleen could not give away her clothes and make up, at first everyone thought he is joking but turns out he was serious. Anup kept taunting Jasleen and there came a time when the house was divided between the ones supporting Anup and others were supporting Jasleen. Wildcard entry Surbhi Rana got all aggressive and started instigating Anup to break up with Jasleen, which he did. Inmates then questioned Rana for meddling between Anup and Jasleen.

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While this was on, nomination task was on too. First, Deepak Kumar was asked to shave his head to save Urvashi by Karanvir Bohra. He agreed instantly. Then, Sreesanth asked Somi to shave her head too to save Saba. She in turn convinced him to let her cut only an inch of her hair and well, won the task which led to Sreesanth getting nominated. Srishty Rode kidnapped Sourabh and asked Shivashish to destroy his clothes along with Sourabh’s family pics. He did the same, getting Srishty nominated. Final list of nominated contestants this week include: Sreesanth, Anup Jalota, Jasleen, Srishty Rode and Karanvir Bohra.

The episode ended after a big fight broke between Srishty and Shivashish.