Teefa In Trouble Review

Film Critic – Hasan Kazmi

It took them some time to figure out how to break onto the film scene but when they did, Ali Zafar and Ahsan Rahim came out as winners. They not only prove the slow and steady wins the race but also left a mark on the film scene with their international level film that might change the game for filmmakers in Pakistan. Shot in Pakistan and Poland, the film revolves around the life of Teefa (Ali Zafar) who is a Troubleshooter and getting himself out of trouble is his pastime. However when he falls in love during a mission, everything go awry.

The film is the first Pakistani film to be shot in Poland and with Warsaw, we saw some locations we might never have before. Ahsan Rahim must be commended for coming up with a film that entertains, not preaches, that takes you on a journey of a lifetime instead of a run-of-the-mill stuff. The film’s highlight are its cinematography by Zain Haleem, its background score by Shani Arshad and its music that has been written and composed by #AliZafar. Ali’s kid brothet Danyal Zafar and Director Ahsan Rahim were co-writers of the script and that’s why the film doesn’t look drag as three heads are better than one.

However, prolonged sequences, care free details, and extra hard attempt to make it look artistic sometimes creates distractions.

There are several real and genuine laughter moments in the film whereas only few fall flat.

The direction and style brings Ahsan close to the big names of #PakistaniCinema i.e. Nabeel Qureshi & Nadeem Baig but he has to take it as first learning experience.

The film is also being released in as many as 25 countries from 20th July 2018.