10 Best Travel Movies To Satisfy Quarantine Time

Written by Ankana Das

It is when we have been captivated inside the four walls of our homes, we have begun to realize the real value of traveling. Our wanderlust has doubled up and it seems that we have started to appreciate our beautiful earth a bit more, but for the advancement of technology, now, we can always go for a virtual tour of the world. Through all these years, renowned filmmakers have diligently created amazing travel movies for offering us a delightful experience. They not only take us to unexplored places but also fulfill our hearts with countless emotions. 

Let’s quickly tell you the names of 10 such travel movies that take you to a virtual trip even in the days of Quarantine.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love 

Based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller memoir, the movie revolves around the journey of the author (played by Julia Roberts) after her divorce where she travels through Italy, India, and finally Indonesia to find her true self. The movie takes you to these three vibrant countries in the world and teaches you the significance of three essential tasks of a person’s life- Eat, Pray and Love with a flavour of spiritual contemplation. The movie will surely give you a perfect dose of positivity amidst all the negative news of COVID-19.

2. The Bucket List

What happens to two old men when they come to know that they have only one year left in their lives?  The movie is all about billionaire Edward Cole and mechanic Carter chambers who meet in a hospital while going through their treatment for cancer. The story really begins when they start to share similar interests and decide to live their lives to the fullest for their remaining days. They go on an adventure to fulfill their goals before they kick the bucket. The movie makes us feel the true essence of the Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ or Seize the Day. 

3. Midnight in Paris

Are you a nostalgic soul just like our protagonist? If yes, then this movie is a perfect companion for your days of quarantine. The protagonist, Gil Pender is a writer who falls in love with Paris. The film offers you a spectacular glimpse of the capital city of France with the nostalgic taste of the bygone era. It is a unique combination of love, poetry and romance. The gracefully enlightened streets of Paris, the beautiful background score, and the perfect quotient of love portrait the picture of Paris like a city of dreams. You must experience this beautiful visual delight presented by famous Director Woody Allen.  


  1.  Seven Years in Tibet

Little do we know about the highest country in the world. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks of the magnificent Himalayas, Tibet has always been a mystical country. The film explores Tibet through the eyes of Austrian mountaineer, Henrich Harrer who accidentally arrives in this spiritual country. The film is based on the real-life story of Henrich Harrer. The film not only focuses on his seven years in Tibet but also discovers other aspects of his life. Through this film, we come to know about the emotional bond between Dalai Lama and Henrich and how this leaves a great impact on his life. The movie also explores the evolution of Henrich Harrer’s character which is played by Brad Pitt. 

  1.  Into the Wild

Based on John Krakauer’s renowned novel, the movie makes you a part of Christopher McCandless’s breathtaking adventure and how despite being the son of wealthy parents, he ditches his degree from Emory University as a genius in academics and sports. Instead of pursuing a profitable  career, he leaves all his materialistic possessions and donates all this money. He begins to reside in the wilderness of Alaska and comes across different characters who help in the entire transformation of his life. The film discovers the true meaning of adventure through a spiritual quest. 

  1.  The Motorcycle Diaries

Who does not want to accompany Che Guevera in his road trip? This enthralling  film is based on the memoirs of Che Guevara during his time of becoming  an ideal revolutionary figure of Latin America. The movie offers you a beautiful image of South America through Che Guevera’s road trip with his friend Alberto for 14,000 kilometers across the continent. The trip influenced the rest of Che Guevara’s life and it will also help you to learn about life. 

  1.  One Week

This film was released in 2008 and it describes the motorcycle escapade of a school teacher Ben Tyler because he sets out for a breathtaking road trip from the city of Toronto to Tofino of British Columbia. Along his route through this trip, he takes stops in some of the landmarks to find the real essence of life before his marriage. The movie is another fantastic tale of a road trip. 

  1.  The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited is an amusing story about three rich,spoiled brothers boarding an overland train through Indian subcontinent . Three of them have not conversed in a year,and this trip helps to heal their bond again. At first, the trip does not go right as they start to fight with each other. All of them suffer from depression, but finally, their crazy behaviors help to repair their relationship and they ultimately become mature. The movie is a plethora of colours,directed by Weys Anderson and it will make you want to visit India. 

  1.  Lost in Translation

Lost In Translation tells the story of two travelers, Bob & Charlotte who come to Tokyo in the similar time. They start to grow a friendship as they start to face confusion and ridiculous activities in the queer city. Bob is an actor by profession who appears in commercial movies whereas Charlotte is a photographer’s wife who is bored with his life. They are an unmatched pair, going through a lonely state  in a foreign city of numerous people. This is another marvelously captured movie which portrays the fun of travelling in an unknown country and conveys the beauty of tiny moments in life. 

  1. Out of Africa

This tragic love story starring Meryl Steep and Robert Redford takes you to the remarkable destinations of UK and Kenya such as the Shaba National Game Reserve.  Inspired by the autobiographical novel of Isak Dinesen, the plot tells the unrequited relationship between a big-game hunter and a married lady. This movie is truly a larger than life experience. 

These remarkable travel movies will certainly offer you a greater feeling of life amidst this global pandemic.  Happy Binge Watching!