10 Wonders of having a Dog

Written by Abdul Muqeet Malik

Imagine how blessed you are as a human being! An animal such as a dog is always there for you in order to fill the gap of a friend or a companion. 

A dog acts as an assistant – Dogs are trained as assistants to the deaf and blind after completing a thorough training at age 2. In general, assistant dogs are known as service dogs and they are usually trained by charitable organizations. Therefore, they can play an important role in the life of disabled persons. They become the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf and in some cases both the eyes and ears for humans.  

Dogs genuinely make us happy – In this modern era, life is too fast and people are more stressed and depressed. Researches have shown that depression will be one of the leading diseases in the world.  

But if you have a dog at home, you will less likely suffer from depression and anxiety. It will keep you busy with different activities at home. Moreover, by looking at your dog increases the ‘feel good’ chemical in the brain that keeps you happy as dogs are known to love unconditionally. 

A dog is a reason to stay fit & healthy – Being overweight is a major concern today, so it’s necessary to have exercise regularly. A research study at the “Michigan State University” reported in the year 2011 that 60% of dog owners who took their pets for regular walks met federal standards for daily healthy exercise. 

According to a research study published in the “Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services” in 2010, older people who walk with their dogs have a daily exercise routine and they are much more physically fit and healthy than those who walk with other people or don’t walk at all. 

Dogs create a sense of responsibility – One of the main reasons, for owning a dog is to learn responsibility. Dogs require food, water, and love, to live. They also need grooming (brushing gives growth to your arm muscles) and bathroom time (walking the dog develops strong muscles of your legs and it is also good for the growth of your brain, lungs, and heart). Many dog owners exercise with their dogs and are seen jogging or walking with their dogs early in the morning.  

In the case of kids 5 years and older, they can be taught responsibilities regarding the care of the dog. 

A dog is a reason to save lives – Usually, dogs and cats don’t get along, but in the year 2018 one lucky cat in Florida was saved by the blood transfusion from a dog. Some dogs have a universal blood-donor type, just like humans, and when no cat blood was found for Buttercup the cat, the veterinarian doctor used dog’s blood, which ultimately saved the life of the cat. 

Dogs can also act as an early warning system for patients who suffer from seizures. Trained dogs can feel the beginning of a seizure up to 15 minutes before and will bark when this happens, which then warns the patient to sit in a safe position to prevent injury from falling, but the question arises as to how dogs know when a seizure is coming? Even though it’s still unknown however we can say that dogs have a gift of the 6th sense that gives them a signal.  


Dogs give purpose to life – People struggling with brain-related disorders especially the effects of depression and loneliness claim that they have found a new sense of purpose when they bring a dog into their lives. Having responsibility for taking care of a dog also means that a person will adopt a proper routine for the sake of his dog’s health, which turns out to be beneficial for him at the end. 

Dogs are a great companion, especially for aged people. According to research published in the “Journal of Social Psychology,” elderly people who owned a dog reported feeling more satisfied in their daily life physically as well as emotionally than those without a dog. 

We are more social with dogs – Dogs can provide their owners with more than companionship. New research shows that they can also help to create people-to-people friendships and social support, both are good for long term health. 

“I usually met with few people when I moved into my new hometown,” says Dr. Elizabeth Frates. “But that changed when I found Reesee, our beautiful doll. She increased my friend zone and social circle.” 

Research studies have shown that kids who are around a dog tend to be more social therefore it will help your child make more friends, and become more extroverted in a group meeting. 

Dog helps in parenthood – When you and your life partner decide to have kids, it might be a good idea for you to get a dog at home first before having children. Caring for a dog is a good way to determine what kinds of parents you will be in the future. You will have to make sacrifices and compromises to take care of a dog which means making sure the dog is with a friend or dog sitter in case you decide to go out or go on vacation.  

Decisions like who is going to take the dog out tonight? Who will buy dog food from the store? These kinds of decisions might be easy, but working together to make sure your dog stays happy and healthy is a perfect practice for the real situation. So, once you have kids, this practice will surely help you before having children. 

Dogs tell about your personality – The kind of dog you have usually says a lot about your personality. A research study in England found a very clear correlation between owner personality and what type of dog he owned; for example, a person who owned toy dogs tend to be cleverer, while owners of utility dogs like bulldogs and dalmatians were the most dedicated. Other studies have found that dog owners, generally are more outgoing and friendly than other pet owners like the cat owners. 

Dogs offer protection – A dog will consider you as part of his life as much as you consider him to be part of your family. They grow up knowing you and get used to seeing you around. Dogs do not take too kindly to those who pose a threat to their family. Affection and protectiveness come from a dog’s wolf ancestors and centuries of breeding, which means that dogs naturally know when a human child or his master needs care. Although dogs are very loyal, this loyalty comes from their forefathers, as they know that if their owner is hurt, the availability of their food and shelter are at risk. 

In the Southasian countries many street dogs are abused and are daily killed in road accidents. We need to support organizations that help to either neuter the dogs or save them. Hence, we should always support the dog shelters and try adopting dogs as you never know how they will contribute to our lives.