5 Pakistani Movies to watch of 2019

Written by Rafay Shareef 

Pakistan movie industry has seen a robust growth in the recent decade due to its storyline, plot and glamour. The on-going global isolation has led people to discover something new that would keep them up-lifted inside their homes. Through all these years talented Pakistani filmmakers have contributed immensely to the film industry and despite being smaller in size as compared to the Indian film industry, the Pakistani movies still attracts a large audience. People now have started appreciating Pakistani movies as they adhere to the cultural mindset of its audience. 2019 has been an important year for the Pakistan film industry which have set the bars high for the upcoming movies. Let’s have a look at the top 5 Pakistani movies of the year 2019. 

Laal Kabootar 2019

Laal Kabootar

When the industry was struggling hard and the filmmakers were busy with their own unique projects, the industry saw the presence of new directors representing Karachi on screen like never before. Kamil Khan, a new director with his film Laal Kabootar have set the bars high for the industry, as his movie was of the thriller genre and was an action-packed movie. Laal Kabootar had a very diverse storyline which coincides with 3 different stories. Plot 1 revolves around a young man who by hook or crook wanted to go to Dubai and start a new life. Plot 2 revolves around a girl whose husband was killed in a target killing incident and she wants to take revenge.  

This film also talks about a corrupt system and a corrupt police officer whose life changes after an incident that takes place. Laal Kabootar is in a league of its own. Even though this movie was Kamil Khan’s debut film he has done justice to the movie with a flawless way of storytelling. This movie contains all those scenes which the audiences expect from a thriller-packed movie. Last but not the least the music of this movie is also superb. The hardwork which the team have shown in every bit of this movie is commendable. Laal Kabootar will make you regain faith in Pakistan’s film industry. A must watch for all the cinema lovers.

Sitara-Let Girls Dream 2019

Sitara-Let Girls Dream 2019

After the success of 3 Bahadur, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has come up with another animated short film named as “Sitara – Let Girls Dream”, portraying the social issue of child marriages. This movie talks about a 14-years old Pakistani girl, Pari, who has a dream to become a pilot but due to an unfortunate reality of the society and her family she was not able to fulfill her dream. This film shares the issue of child marriages in a virtual manner to raise the awareness on such issues which destroys the future of girls. This movie will put you in tears after knowing the barriers that are in the path of women in general. This movie is not only a must watch but also a must show, which will hopefully decrease the number of girls who spend their lives like Pari. 

Durj 2019

Durj 2019

Durj, it’s not just a name but it is a unique story. Durj got banned in Pakistanbefore it’s release so it eventually grabbed the audience’s attention and the curiosity about the movie began to spread. This psychological thriller/horror movie is based on true events. The film also showcases practice of cannibalism. This movie is about a psychologist named Farah, whose husband had suddenly disappeared and Farah was looking for her missing husband. Farah was desperate to find her husband and later found out that her husband was abducted. A man who was a well known cannibal was arrested and was awaiting his sentence for the crime. It was shocking for her to find out that there was no punishment for cannibalism in the books of law in Pakistan. The disturbing and uncomfortable scenes majority of which weer censored were shown on screen with the use of background music that will surely give a satisfying cinematic experience for the audience. This movie is not for the soft-hearted but this will make you think about people and the way they live their lives, as well as one will wonder about cannibalism in today’s world. 

Kataksha 2019

Kataksha 2019

Pakistan’s first psychological film, “Kataksha”, a horror movie filled with thrill and suspense. This film is based on a place in Pakistan called “KATAS RAJ.” This movie shares a story of a four people working at a news channel in different positions. They run a show in which they explore haunted places. In this movie the story revolves around a murder which took place at a haunted place. These four people then decided to inspect that haunted place. Hosting such a show is no less than an invitation to more evil. The story then takes a turn when they visit that place and BAM! What happens next is a mystery!
Was that place crowded with jinns ? Was that place actually haunted or was it not? To satisfy your curiosity you need to watch this horror film. Grab some popcorn because you won’t want to be distracted in between the movie.  

Gumm 2019

Gumm 2019

The first Pakistani movie of 2019, an action and a thriller. The story talks about a guy named Asad, who wakes up in the middle of the jungle with a bag full of money. He then got to know through a radio message that the police are after those escapees who looted a bank. Then all of a sudden a man approached him, claiming that the bag belongs to him. Asad was trapped in that car after the incident of the bank robbery. The story does not end here but there is an amazing twist which will be disclosed while watching this movie. With such a strong script this movie was nominated 15 times including  it got selected in 8 International festivals. This movie won seven awards in total.

The aforementioned movies are a must watch and to get off your boredom in this quarantine. You are going to enjoy every bit of these movies and will second me about the recommendation. Enjoy!