Buck Naked Soap Company

Buck Naked Soap Company was created for clean and natural products as the skin is our body’s largest organ and it’s the first line of defense against potentially harmful bacteria and contaminants. The thin layer of sebum that covers the bodies works like an invisible shield. At 22 incredible square feet, the skin deserves to be nurtured and nourished with the best quality of ingredients.

However, the skin is also porous, which means that between 13% (the bottom of our feet) and 100% (underarms and groin) of the products added onto the skin gets absorbed within 26 seconds. Traditional products contain a variety of chemicals that soak into the skin and bloodstream in that 26-second window and potentially disrupt the bodies’ natural balances.This is why Buck Naked Soap Company makes only natural skin care products. Here are some of the amazing products that are clean, pure and enriching!

Charcoal + Anise Soap: Purifying | Stimulating | Therapeutic 

Our Charcoal & Anise soap is designed to provide a deep clean. Activated charcoal absorbs dirt and oil associated with acne and problems, washing them away and leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling soft. Ideal for oily skin. 

CocoRosa + Moroccan Clay Soap: Enriching | Lovely | Clarifying 

Pamper yourself with Moroccan red clay! This versatile cleansing agent improves the look of dry skin while removing excess oil. It is also known to help improve skin’s elasticity, firmness and texture. With the addition of coconut milk, your lavish bathing experience is complete. Ideal for all skin types. 

Energizing Marigold Soap: Restorative | Refreshing | Invigorating 

Marigold, ginger and vitamin E are divine together! This soap was created to help soothe the appearance of minor skin irritations and dryness associated with mature skin, as well as add to skin’s overall radiance. Along with light exfoliation, the ingredients make bathing feel indulgent and luxurious. 

Dead Sea Mud + Argan Soap: Luxurious | Purifying | Enriching 

Naturally rich in essential minerals, this unique soap has Dead Sea black mud at its core. Embedded Moroccan argan oil adds an additional element of luxury. Argan is high in essential fatty acids and known to revitalize dry, dull skin. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: These soaps are a luxury to have! From the smell, to the texture to the feeling of being clean! The most important thing to note here is the moisture level. These soaps have a very soothing and relaxing feel. Every soap is different and caters to different needs. The Charcoal + Anise Soap has a very clean feel to it, the Dead Sea Mud Soap is very nourishing as it has the presence of Argan. The Marigold Soap is very soothing and the Moroccan Clay Soap, again provides with moisture and a deep cleanse. 

Moroccan Rose Beldi – In Morocco, Beldi means tradition, and the Buck Naked Beldi Facial Soap is steeped in this tradition. Family matriarch Simy, brought Beldi black soap out of the Casa Blanca Hammams and into the home. Using in combination with Moroccan rope to exfoliate, Simy’s skin was exceptionally soft, hydrated and nourished. Today, Simy’s granddaughter, and Buck-Naked founder, has refashioned this family tradition. Made with black olives and olive oil, the Buck Naked Beldi black soap family recipe, is naturally rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Scented with Moroccan rose and vanilla you’ll be transported to the Valley of Roses in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: The Morroccan Rose Beldi, is one of the best facial soaps we have come across. There is a strong yet extremely pleasant ‘rose’ smell about this face soap. It foams up excellent and as soon as you lather and massage your face with it, the first thing that hits you is the smell of roses. Every morning the smell of roses, is what we looked forward to. The end result of this amazing product is a very clean face and a lingering smell of roses! So this is an amazing product to have! Natural, clean and Roses!!!!!

Mermaid Collection: Mermaid Mist: Hair Texturizing Mist 

Adds instant texture and soft beach waves to your hair. This essential mineral rich Dead Sea Salt and Magnesium based formula helps nurture the scalp, stimulate hair growth and add volume. An enhanced formula, this mist is more and just volumizing, it’s also good for your hair. Aloe water and Brazil flower extract add natural luster, rice extract amino acids aid in conditioning and hydrating hair enhancing integrity and reducing moisture loss and antioxidants in the tomato bioferment help protect hair from oxidative stress. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: This is a light mist and gives you that finish and shine that you want after you are done with your hair. 

Mermaid Shampoo Bar – Formulated for volumization and texture, the Buck Naked Mermaid Bar is made with skin and hair nourishing oils as well as a Dead Sea salt sole solution that maximizes these effects. Highly therapeutic due to the high concentration of minerals in Dead Sea salt, the sole solution in this bar helps soothe dry, itchy and flaky scalp while helping promote healthy hair. Dead Sea salt may also help rebalance irritated or greasy scalps. 

Please note: A period of transition is to be expected when moving to an all natural shampoo bar. This transition period may take a few washes, or it could take longer. This based on your individual chemistry. To help the transition, we suggest using an apple cider vinegar rinse before and after shampooing till this transition is complete. This rinse will help condition hair, help remove build up on the hair and regulate scalp oils. We suggest mixing an apple cider vinegar rinse into your hair care routine on a regular basis. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: We were very skeptical about a soap in today’s day and age, however this soap not only lathers but you can actually feel the “squeaky clean” feeling. This soap works in two way: it cleans your hair and secondly, it moisturizes your hair!!!!

Moroccan Rose Facial Oil: Vitamin Complex 

Super light and non-greasy, our Vitamin Complex is formulated with plant based Vitamin C microencapsulation and, D-Alpha-Tocopherol Vitamin E. This innovative microencapsulation delivery system, allows for optimal vitamin isolation and protection until the moment you use it – these capsules burst open, delivering the full effect of our Vitamin Complex. The isolation of these skin loving vitamins, decreases oxidization and maximizes delivery to the skin, helping to reduce uneven skin and brighten your complexion. Our Vitamin Complex is enriched with the pro-Vitamin A and essential fatty acids of cold pressed Rosehip oil and the vitamin E of Safflower oil. These oils work together with our vitamin delivery system to help reduces appearance of wrinkles and increase moisture in the skin. Lightly scented with rose + vanilla essential oils. This oil has a fast skin absorption rate. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews. This Moroccan Rose Oil is like massaging roses all over your face! The smell of the roses are so strong and yet the the oil gets absorped so quickly into the skin! The smell of roses never leaves you, and again the skin is soft all day long! 

Vanilla Chai Body Soufflé – Lightly whipped, like your favourite dessert, our body soufflé is a moisturizing head to toe body butter developed with some of the world’s most luxurious oils and butters, including Brazil’s sustainably harvested Copaiba Oil and Bacuri Butter. High in vitamins D2, E and K as well as magnesium, calcium, zinc and beta caryophyllene, a powerful anti-inflammatory aid and antioxidant. The ingredients in this formulation have been carefully chosen to be fast absorbing, promote hydration and revitalize and soften skin. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: The Vanilla Chai Body Soufflé keeps the body soft and moist. You only need a little of it and it goes a long way. The whipped butter starts melting in your hands right away, and when massaged into the skin, the skin becomes slippery and soft, yet gets obsorbed into the skin right away! We loved this body butter, as it is just like butter.