Detoxing for a healthy glowing skin

There are many benefits of taking part in daily detoxing for a healthy glowing skin. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water or 3 liters will always flush toxins out of the body and clean the skin. Juicing is another way to get vitamins and nutrients in the body to help the liver detox and provide a glow to the skin. All organs need detoxification, from the liver, colon, kidneys, skin and lungs. Being stress free and taking a relaxing bath is also a way to release toxins.

Another popular way for a simple detox is dry brushing the skin. Dry brushing is done with a dry brush which is made of stiff/dense bristles, which should be made with natural fibers not of synthetic or unnatural fibers.

The benefits of dry brushing are as follows: 

Dry brushing helps to remove the dead cells of the skin as human beings lose one million skin cells daily..

Most toxins are removed out of the body through skin and dry brushing is exactly like what milk thistle is for the liver.

Dry brushing helps in blood circulation in the body and reduces and prevents cellulite. In the end you feel energized with super soft skin as well as a glowing skin!