EWN – Enterprising Women Network, a mentoring program for women!

Speaking with the EWN Canada chapter, this is an overview of a program that is meant for women of Pakistani decent all around the world! 




EWN, ENTERPRISING WOMEN NETWORK, is a meticulously structured, multi-layered, learning, training, networking, mentoring and earning program for women.  Through this program, we want a reunification of all spheres of feminine life. We are re-configuring the feminine/personal/professional dichotomies, into a framework of harmony that will be achieved by sewing a pattern of projects for young women, empowering them through training and increasing their self-awareness, and at the same time using technology to connect them with women who have an experience and learning to offer.

Hence, creating a digital scenario where the ‘background’ talent, contribution and role of women is brought in the foreground. EWN aims to utilize the digital/virtual and physical sphere to mobilize young and old women towards creating a huge network of supporters, all in a win-win situation for achieving their best.

Haniya Mudassar – Co-Founder EWN


EWN is a program developed by Cambridge Advisors Network with an aim to empower the Pakistani woman in every social strata. Conceived and developed by Founders, Syed Azhar Rizvi and Haniya Mudassar, EWN is a capacity building and earning opportunity that offers simple training courses that will enable women to realize their inner capabilities, resulting in better income opportunity and understanding of starting an enterprise simultaneously.


Rana Tauqir – Canada Chapter

EWN MENTOR PANEL aims to utilize the digital/virtual and physical sphere to mobilize young and old women towards creating a huge network of mentors and supporters, all in a win-win situation for achieving their best. For this we created overseas chapters that Pakistani women will be coordinating, the purpose is to create a knowledge pool, share opportunities, create mentoring networks in order to guide young Pakistani women and maximize the number of active women contributing professionally (business/career wise) in their local areas and also increase a global share of Pakistani professional women.

Ms. Rana Tauqir is the pioneer and a valued member who is with EWN since its inception. She has 25 years of international and intercultural experience of working for NGOs and social enterprises, travel writing, blogging, publishing and entrepreneurship. She is also the coordinator for Canada chapter and has connected many Pakistani Canadian women with the platform.

EWN welcomes Pakistani women from all sectors, careers, also those who are not-in-a-career, to share their knowledge in their areas of strength on our platform and social media. We are particular about the content to be specifically beneficial for the youth. Brief videos explaining how can we be better, more contributing citizens and individuals?, is what we have started from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKOV8SSlYOR5IuN1rkjFHxAs


We have an increasing influx of Pakistanis immigrating to Canada, we value their contribution in Canada and aim to provide a credible platform to them to stay connected with Pakistan, Canadian-Pakistani women can share their knowledge, experience and learnings via our platform. This would provide them a reliable channel where their brand, work, expertise is projected and shared with young (and other) Pakistanis. Going further we aim to connect our promising young women who have been trained in our EWN-STUDENT PROGRAM with our Mentor Panel members, so that we may provide them valuable guidance from their own people. We are also open to more collaboration that resonate with our vision of empowering women.


Pakistani women are on top of the most resilient women in the world. We take pride in our culture and family values, yet have been subjected to many atrocities and unfair dealings. We have proved time and again that we rise in times of struggle. Yet we need to value our roots, our religions (whatever we follow), and realize that amidst all of this we have to match the pace of the world, and encourage others to do so. Actively participate in the startup space, education, careers, government and realize that our families can be our strategic partners, our empowerment is shared within the home first and then in the society. Conquer your inner fears, support each other is the most basic factor- if we ONLY do this mindfully everyday- we will be more amazing, pretty soon!

If any one wants to join this network for women, they can be reached here – http://ewomennet.com/