Fruits & Passion’s brand-new holiday items

Have you ever experienced the feeling of extreme contentment? I’m talking about that feeling you get when you drink a delicious hot chocolate by a warm fireplace or snuggling up in a fuzzy blanket reading your favourite book. The Danish came up with a word to encompass this feeling, and it’s called hygge

So how do you incorporate this warmth and coziness into your home on a daily basis? Quebec company, Fruits & Passion has some brand-new holiday items that will help you feel hygge all winter long. 

1) Burn a candle or use a diffuser 

Adding soothing scents to your home is a great place to start. The Warm Honey AURA Perfumed Candle ($15.50 CAD) and Decorative Diffuser Set ($25.00 CAD) will help you relax at the end of a long day. The candle jar will light up beautifully when the candle is lit, all while giving off a light aroma of country honey. 

2) Cook comfort foods 

Cooking comfort foods like fresh bread and savoury soups will help you feel warm from the inside out! Keep those dishes and hands squeaky clean with the help of CUCINA’s Kitchen Trio ($30.00 CAD) that contains hand soap, hand cream and dish detergent in CUCINA’s signature Coriander & Olive Tree scent. 

3) Take a relaxing bath What better way to unwind than a warm bubble bath? The Alo Milky Foaming Bath ($7.50 CAD) will make all of your troubles float away. Feel relaxed with the light and fresh scent of Ocean Flower.  


Fruits & Passion is a Canadian brand committed to producing cruelty-free and biodegradable formulas for your body and home. Inspired by Italian tradition scents include Amalfi lemon, olive oil, sea salt, coriander and lime zest. Products are made with the intention of repurposing containers and refill options are available to manage environmental issues responsibly.