Museum of Illusions Toronto

The Museum of Illusions is a must see, as the rooms are full of mind-boggling activities. This is Canada’s first Museum of Illusions after 13 cities have hosted this museum. Each room is full of crazy illusions, from being dizzy to feeling like a dwarf, all kinds of illusions are experienced.

Our staff reporters covered the museum and were amazed to see the line up on a cold Saturday evening in the month of December 2018. Once the coat check was done, the first room was where a lot of crowd were hovered around. It was the dwarf and giant effect room. Within a matter of seconds when two people enter the room, one becomes a dwarf and one a giant. The effects are so clean and real, that its exciting to see the results in the photos!

Just opposite to this is the “Reversed Room,” which is again the coolest room we found, as the illusion of standing upside down is completely fulfilled once you are photographed. The “Infinity Room,” with tons of mirrors will give you the illusion of “you” everywhere. If you are an Instagramer or a social media freak, this is the place to be, as you will have photos that will interest your followers.


Another cool place was the “Clone Table,” where if you sit and try to play poker, you will be playing with a total of 6 of yourselves.

The place where our staff was going nuts was the “vortex” bridge, which made all of them dizzy and they felt that they were going to fall off. The whole idea of the Museum of Illusions Toronto is not just fun but its educational as well. Illusions create a complex situation for our brains to grasp and hence we feel different when in such places. It is entertaining overall, as even though you feel something else and your brain thinks its something else. Its an incredible feeling!

The museum was initiated in Croatia three years ago and has grown internationally in 14 locations worldwide, including Toronto marking its first official debut in Canada. It is a 4,700-square-foot place with an experience of lifetime near the St. Lawrence Market in the heart of Toronto and is Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.