Ten things to do in Mumbai City

Written by Ramaswamy Ganapathy

 Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, apart from my previous article on the top 10 street foods in Mumbai. It so happens that Mumbai has a lot more to offer than what it seems. The city of Mumbai is home for millions and has a very hustling and bustling life. You will come across crowded train stations, bus stations, streets, and shopping malls. Yet there are places worth visiting and some unique experiences worth having. Here are some of the ways Mumbaikars might spend their free time around the city:

1. Midnight walks, cycling, or riding in your vehicle: Yes! That’s right! You definitely saw this coming. Mumbai has a great nightlife and the majority of the fun lies here as this is a particular aspect of the city. Although, it is unsafe to go out at night even in a crowded city like Mumbai. People do go out for walks around their safe neighborhoods at night. There are a lot of street vendors that offer snacks at night on a bicycle. The street is much more open at night. It is favorable for people who love to go on a long rides or drives.

2. Visit the Bandra – Worli Sea Link: We know that this densely populated city has very little room for road travels. A very recent construction of a bridge made it easy for commuters to connect and cut through heavy traffic and long routes. The Bandra – Worli Sea link also adds more glamour to the city. The ride through the bridge can be windy, and it lasts about 5 minutes. You would practically ride over the sea.

3. A visit to Sanjay Gandhi national park: If you are looking for a place to trek nearby, then this is it! This is the largest national park located within city limits. It is very huge and is considered a home for many species. A trip to see the lion at Borivali national park could be a starter. One can also plan a trekking trip inside the safe zones of the national park. Beware of animals though.

4. A visit to the beaches: Mumbai does not fall short of beaches as this is a coastal city. There are many beaches in the close proximity of the city. It is recommended to not visit the overly crowded beaches so much as it is to visit the ones near to the city. Gorai beach could be one such example which is very less crowded. There are beaches close to Navi Mumbai which also works well.

5. Shopping at Bandra and CST: This is a very popular thing to do in Mumbai. All Mumbaikars resort to the huge street markets that sell clothes, footwear, and everything else you can imagine. Bandra and CST are the prime locations to do so. One can spend an entire afternoon just shopping and ending the day with a nice restaurant meal. Oh! And while you are at it, if you happen to go to CST or Churchgate, do check out the marvel of British architecture. 

6. Bandra fort, Bandstand and Carter road: Do you like watching sunsets but is it not scenic where you live? Don’t worry Mumbai has you covered. Long evening walks, chilling on the concrete as you watch the sunset is what usually these places bring you. Bandra Fort is also a remnant of the only fort in the proximity of the city. Bandstand and carter road also serves a hub for couples to hang out.

7. The Gateway of India: One of the prime tourist spots in Mumbai and the only prominent monument in the city is the gateway of India. Built-in the 20th century this Monument now serves at a way to depict the history of Mumbai. You would find ferry and boating happening along the sea from the gateway. It sits right next to the infamous Taj Hotel.

8. Marine Drive: This place is just like the carter roads and bandstand of likes but, it is the bay area of Mumbai and it overlooks the Arabian sea. It is situated right next to the main road. You can sit on the concrete near the sidewalk and watch the waves of the sea hit the rocks by the bay. Most people find it calming and use it to clear their head and relieve stress. This place turns more chaotic during monsoon as waves from the rough seas jumps over the sidewalks during high tide.

9. Pubs and clubs: Mumbai is well known for its nightlife and as it is the city that never sleeps, well night may call for parties. Clubs and pubs are the main attraction for any resident in Mumbai. There are tons of fast-food chains, pub chains, and night clubs spread across Mumbai. Mumbaikars enjoy dining in and socializing. Some pubs and clubs rock local DJs, some rock popular Bollywood beats, but needn’t worry if you are into techno, electronic, western or jazz we have that too.

10. Elephanta caves: A ferry from Mumbai brings you to the only cave and archaeological site that is in close proximity to the city. The Elephanta caves contain mythical sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist origins. The site was sacred and was once traditionally used to worship the idols. The island is now a tourist attraction. The ferry ride in itself is an enjoyable experience. Beware, the seas can get rough during high tides.

A few like places like Imagica theme park, theaters, and shopping malls were left out and as always, we leave it up to you for exploring. I suggest that you should travel in an informed manner and have a good travel plan. I hope you have a good time in the city. Cheers!