Top 10 Wearable Technologies  

Written by Sundus Muhammad 

As the technology continues to flourish at a rate of knots, the Sci-Fi movies don’t look so futuristic anymore. What seemed impossible a couple of decades ago is now materialized. The time when machines were required to be fed instructions manually is long gone, and now commanding is as simple as mere detection of our faces, pupils and thumbprints. Here we’ll go through some of the trending technologies that are exceptionally portable; the wearables. 

Muse Brain Sensing Headband

Muse Brain Sensing Headband – Never sure how calm you’re inside while meditating? Well, the Brain Sensing Headband is developed to assist you while you meditate, assess and let you know what’s going inside your head. Yes, it literally makes you think out loud. The device uses the Electroencephalogram (EEG) monitor, which detects the electrical activities of the brain waves. It has music that ranges from calming pleasant weather sounds to chaotic stormy ones. So, if you’re getting distracted by your thoughts while meditating, the electrical activities will increase in your brain and you’ll be informed of your subconscious through stormy sounds. As you try to be calmer and more focused, the music will change to soothing pleasant weather sounds. It’s a great way to synchronize your mind and body and to really make something out of your meditation. It’ll help you to improve your meditation and thus will help you stay stress-free and composed. 

Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses – These are the augmented reality-based glasses. Augmented reality refers to the computer-generated information available to you on board, which will elaborate on what you see in real-time. The information is projected on smart devices that you’re carrying for example your mobile phone, camera, or smart glasses etc. These smart glasses are designed to interact in a number of ways. They’ve cameras to click and record photos and videos. They come with music controllers, games, image viewers, heart rate monitors, step counters, maps, and other assistive features and apps. They even connect through other devices via Bluetooth and work with many compatible apps. You can use them just for the sake of entertainment, or they can be your assistant while cycling or you can include them in your fitness regime. 

Air Purifier Masks

Air Purifier Masks – While this may not be alluring to an average man, people around the world residing in over-populated and polluted cities keep these kinds of products in-demand. When you wear a mask, your part of breathable air is now trapped within it. This is the area the device works on by filtering the air through li-ion powered fans inside, that clean the air around your nose and mouth. The masks filter and clear out any allergens, dust, volatile organic compounds, harmful greenhouse gases, or other pollutants that you inhale otherwise. The technology is becoming smarter and cheaper with each passing day, with increased availability around the globe. 

NFC Smart Rings – NFC is an abbreviation of ‘Near Field Communication’, which refers to wireless technology that is short-ranged. The Smart Rings based on this technology have many uses. They function as authentication devices that unlock your smartphones, or even calibrate to control the smartphone. You can also make out of it a smart key for your home, car, or other locks, and use them to clear up payments at payment terminals, or as an alternative to travel or access cards, for which you’ll be thankful in hurried situations.  

Fitness Trackers/Smartwatches

Fitness Trackers/Smartwatches – Fitness tracker is a smart wearable device that measures metrics of activities related to work out and fitness. It is mostly available in the form of a wrist watch, called smartwatch. As it is in contact with your body, it also measures heart rate. You can wear it while running to keep a track of distance you’ve covered. Wearing it while working out will give you a figure of estimated calories you’ve burned, helping you achieve your weight losing goals. Some advanced devices also have a GPS, which will track your path. It is compatible with Android and iOS, so you can also answer phone calls and can-do similar activities without taking out your phone along. You can also use it for contactless payments. Though the features vary from brand to brand and device to device, this wearable technology is really something cool to have if you’re a fitness enthusiast. 

Smart Training Suit – What if someone claims that you can cut back three to four hours of your workout session to only one-tenth of it, and that too with the same results. That would be incredible! The Smart Training Suit is developed exactly on the same grounds. It is an ultimate solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The suit is designed to electrically stimulate your muscles while you work out and provide maximum physical output in the least time possible. So, the calories you’re estimated to burn in a hefty amount of three to four hours of workout, are burned in only 20 minutes. Yes, that’s how effective it can be! The bonus; it is machine-washable so you don’t need to worry about keeping it clean, fresh, and smelling pleasant.  

Standalone VR Headsets

Standalone VR Headsets – Standalone Virtual-Reality Headsets are designed to take your apps, movies, and games interactions to the next level. They fasten to your heads and take you to the world of real-time experiences while you’re confined only to a single room. They don’t need any setups or linking to your devices and are ready to use out of the box. They come with large storages so you have multiple games, movies and apps to use on the go. They even track your body movements and gestures offering an avant-garde adventure. They offer apps like YouTube and Netflix so you can enjoy your favourite shows in a totally different way. There are virtual rooms designed which enable you to connect and talk to others with virtual face-to-face meetings. 

Wearable Personal Thermostat

Wearable Personal Thermostat – The Wearable Personal Thermostat does pretty much what the name indicates. This wrist-worn device is developed to control the body temperature of the wearer. Either the majority around you want a certain room heater or AC temperature or the outdoors are too hot or too cold for you, wearing this device will adjust your body temperature according to your needs. The device doesn’t change the core body temperature per se (that would be way too technical), but it manipulates the temperature sensitive ends in our body that somewhat trick us in feeling the temperature change across the body. For example, making the hands and feet warm in cold temperatures makes your whole body feel warm and cosy. That fact is what the manufacturers manoeuvre. With the research and understanding of the body, this device is getting advanced and efficient with time.  

Wearable Charging Cables

Wearable Charging Cables – Your device’s charging cable can be a stylish accessory to don. Yes, abounding in technology, the cables now come in beautiful and delicate bracelet-like designs and materials that look good on your wrist, while being purposeful at the same time. The USB buckle of the bracelet is usually magnetic for a smooth clasp. You just need to undo the clasp and you’re ready to transfer data or charge your device. There is a wide variety of attractive designs and colours to choose from. There are also different sizes available to adjust accordingly 

Wearable Peripheral Controller

Tap Strap Wearable Peripheral Controller – This device may make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie. You just have to move your hands around while you wear it, to scroll, swipe, tap, and type on the connected screen. It works by connecting to your device via Bluetooth. The wearables are available for each of your fingers and you can calibrate and customize to make it accurately synced with your gestures. It gives you the freedom from carrying a keyboard or mouse along. The built-in air gesture controller makes sure every command is reproduced precisely.  

There’s way more to come in the near future. The top tech companies of the world are in a race to offer hi-tech products that inspire the futuristic ways of living, and we, as consumers, can only wait and look forward to the hundreds and thousands of prototypes coming to life.