Work Remotely from Dubai

A year since the pandemic, the working from home has become the new norm. However, some at-home-workers are taking it a step further and are looking into working remotely while experiencing exotic countries.  

Work from home was once upon a time considered a luxury as it gave workers to relax a bit in their home environment. However, ever since the pandemic, working from home, as well as staying at home and not getting out much is taking a toll on the mental health of the workers.  

People are finding various ways to spice up their lives and look into other countries. One such country is United Arab Emirates with its beautiful skylines and luxury lifestyles. Dubai city is offering visas up to a year for people to come and live in Dubai and work in Dubai for other companies situated abroad. Usually, a visa for Dubai is up to 30 days upon entry from certain countries like UK, USA, Canada and Europe. You can come to Dubai on a tourist visa, get acquainted with the city and once you’re ready, you can apply to transfer to the one-year visa program. 


Known for its entertainment life and beaches as well as a high-end living, Dubai may seem like a very expensive city, but one can enjoy the best things in very little money and live a fun-filled life!  

The one-year remote work visa is priced at USD 287 (AED 1,054) plus health insurance with valid UAE coverage and processing fee per person. Tourists would be now able to live and work in Dubai for up to 12 months, with access to all the necessary services including utilities, telecoms and schooling for those who travel with their family. 

So, if the winter is getting to you guys then Dubai may be the multicultural haven you may be wanting to explore!