10 Things that Get Delivered in Colombo during Lockdown

Written by S. Shiva (Sri Lanka contributor)

Shopkeepers in Sri Lanka

With most of Sri Lanka under curfew, most people have had no way of going shopping. Everything has had to be ordered for delivery. This is especially so in Colombo the capital city in the Western Province, where the curfews have lasted for over a month.  

So what are the best things that can be ordered for delivery in Colombo. Most people think it’s just dry rations, fresh produce and some takeout. Surprisingly there’s quite a lot of interesting things.  

Number 10: Diapers  

If you have a baby at home, you are probably going through hell right now. When things run out for your baby or babies, then panic. you might run out of nappies anytime. But Babies.lk sorts out all those needs, including the all-important one – diapers. They are making deliveries free within Colombo.. So you just need to go to their online store and make your order. There also a number of other baby stores who deliver on Uber Eats and Pick me to check out by searching ‘baby’. 

Number 9: Pizza  

Even though the curfews are in effect, you can still order takeout for your family in a safe and cleanly packed manner. And if you crave a cheese-packed bite of delicious pizza, the options include a number of top Pizzerias. Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Michaelangelo’s, Harpos, and Arthur’s Pizzeria are all providing delivery for the nearby city regions and suburbs. They can be ordered through their individual apps available on Google Play Store, and/or through delivery partners such as Uber Eats and Pick me Food. 

Number 8: Heat and Eat Meals 

For those who find it difficult to cook there is also the option of precooked frozen meals, which you just have to heat and eat. While this is an easily obtainable item in many countries, Sri Lanka is quite lacking in this aspect due to the abundance of fresh produce and a cultural preference for fresh cooked meals. 

However, with many low cost eateries being closed for curfew, office goers who can’t cook face a daily menu of nothing more than instant ramen or some such bland meal. If this fits you, know that you can now purchase a ton of precooked meals from Gourmet Lanka, and just store in your freezer for delicious heat and eat meals anytime you want. Their menu is available on their Facebook page, while all you have to do is call 1350 to order. 

Number 7: Smoked Chicken 

Among the unique and tasty things that Gourmet lanka is delivering, it is noteworthy to remember that you can directly get smoked chicken or even turkey by weight delivered right to your doorstep. 

Number 6: Gillette Turbo Mach3 Razor 

If you want to keep looking good, even while at home, with a nice smooth shave – Gillette Razors are the way to go. So if you need a great new razor, or your current one’s blades are all wonky, just drop by the Hayleys Consumer Products Store on Uber Eats. 

Number 5: Garnier Hair Dye 

Surprisingly enough, you can even purchase hair dye on Uber Eats during curfew. It is being sold by a store under the name ‘Daily Needs’  

Number 4: Spa Salt 

For those who need a relaxing break from the chaos from family and kids, a store known as Grab’Em on Pickme Foods is selling various types of spa salts for a nice relaxing hot bath and pampering. Just order online through the Pickme app to get this fun item. 

Number 3: Home appliances  

Abans managed to get approval to continue delivering their home appliance and laptop purchases. If your fridge stops working or your AC goes down, you can purchase online at the buyabans.com site and get it delivered within four days at the most. While their range is limited during the curfews, it is still a good thing to know. 

Number 2: Mobile phones 

Daraz, a top online store in Sri Lanka, is back into business during curfew, after a period of downtime. And they are delivering more of their usual fare, including brand new mobile phones. Though the range is limited, you can be worry free if your phone crashes – knowing you can get a new one delivered 

Number 1: Nintendo and XBox Store Coupons 

Being able to buy the gaming coupons for Nintendo, XBox, Steam, PUBG for a relatively reasonable price locally during curfew feels like the best thing ever. Especially when you think about the fact that you’re probably trying to find a way to pass time at home without killing the person next to you from boredom. Daraz has this option available. So download the Daraz app and log in to enjoy.