Dry Skin Home Remedies 

As the winter vanishes away, our skin seems to be getting more sun. Dry skin is the result of winter and genes. So, to bring a glow back on your faces, we have the following easy masks to get the skin ready for summer.  

Mask 1- Dab-On Skin Plumping Mask 

3 TSP rosewater + 

15 drops of aloe vera gel + 

1 tsp coconut milk 

Moisten a cotton ball / pad in this mixture and dab all over your face. Leave on for up to an hour, and wipe your skin with a wet napkin / hand towel. Immediately after, follow with your serum and face-cream.  


Mask 2 – Banana Almond Restorative Face Mask 

2 TSP organic almond butter 


10 almonds soaked in warm water overnight & ground into a very smooth paste + 

15 drops of pineapple juice + 

1 TSP mashed banana + 

enough oat flour to make a stiff paste 

Blend very well to form a smooth paste. Apply a generous layer all over your face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash skin with warm water. Gently dry with a clean towel. Immediately after, follow with your serum and face cream.