Don’t Just Make A New Year’s Fitness Resolution, Make A Plan!

Resolutions are just wishes without a plan.  Take the time write down your plan.  What do want to achieve? What kind of exercise will you do? At home? A gym?  Do you want to do group classes or your own thing?  What do you need – maybe some new gym clothes? Earbuds? New shoes?  Be prepared.

Set Realistic Short-term Goals

Yes, summer bodies are made in the winter, but knowing you have 6 months to reach your goals won’t really get you up and going.  Having all the time in the world is not a great motivator is it?!

Instead, set weekly small goals. It can be several times each week you work out, running a longer distance than last week, adding more weight to your lifts, losing (or gaining) a certain amount of weight, etc. Anything that motivates you.

Start SLOW.

Working out 6 days in your first week is going to leave you exhausted. And hating exercise.  Start with a couple times a week doing an activity or class you like.  Love cycling? Do a spinning class.  Love swimming? Do a few laps in the pool.  Need a mental break and a workout? Do a yoga class.  Need privacy? Workout at home like I do using a fitness app.  Learn to enjoy exercise first!

Get Help and Support

Everything is easier if you when you have guidance and someone who was once in the same shoes as you.  Find a friend or an online coach (like myself).  Online coaches have experienced what you are when they first started and can teach you what they did for success.  My participants love the accountability group I run where they have to check in everyday!  Like minds helping like minds – it’s fun and it works!

Be Patient

Fitness doesn’t happen overnight.  Have realistic goals.  1-2 pounds per week lost is a healthy range and is done with a combination of exercise and nutrition.  Most people give up too soon – before it’s even possible to see any real results.  It took you years to get where you are, it won’t be corrected in a few weeks.  Don’t give up!


Mona Chona is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Mona Chona is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Mona Chona is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and specializes in fitness programs designed for real life. Feel free to inquire.

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