Dry Skin

Dry skin is bothersome and tends to look dull. It is often itchy, inflamed, flaky, and lacks nourishment and vitality. It tends to wrinkle prematurely. As we age, skin tends to look drier.

Dry skin could be caused because skin’s sebaceous glands are not producing enough sebum. Another reason is more to do with the geography of the area you live in. If the air is low in humidity, it not only does nothing to support the health of the skin, it can actually steal moisture from the skin, leaving it parched. A simple step of installing a humidifier in your room can do wonders for the health of your skin.

Harsh chemicals and additives in skin care products can cause the skin to become dry and prone to allergic reactions. Products with artificial fragrance oils, alcohols, sulfates etc. should be avoided. These ingredients are well known skin irritants, and unfortunately widely used in the skin care industry. Harsh chemicals and their role in drying the skin is most readily seen in acne-prone skin. Acne sufferers tend to use the readily available Over the counter or prescribed medications that have very harsh active ingredients that promote dryness and even peeling / flaking of skin.

A daily skin care routine can go a very long way to balance and nourish dry skin. The best daily routine comprises of products made with pure and natural ingredients that can help balance the production of sebum. The natural oil skin produces to keep itself healthy and supple.