Miss Pakistan World 2019 – Arooj Bokhari

Hailing from Lahore, Pakistan but studying in Kensington, United Kingdom, 23 year old Arooj Bokhari is all set to represent Pakistan in international pageants. Here is her exclusive interview with the Miss Pakistan World team!

1- Tell us a bit about yourself. 
Today I speak to you as the Miss Pakistan World 2019 winner.
What you might not be aware of is that I am also a legally qualified barrister as well as a human rights activist.
I come from an academic family, my father is an engineer and my mother a medical professional.
Since a young age, I knew that education is the most powerful tool to better ones life and to serve ones country.
I am a firm believer in educating young girls and it is a cause I am very passionate about. I have worked with the Edhi foundation and volunteered at pop up schools to teach under privileged children.
I think determination is the single most important factor in achieving your dreams and is especially important for women, so as to allow them to be independent. And to be true to oneself and go for your dreams.
2- What is the platform that you support or cause that you support? And Why?
Education for girls is the cause I am most passionate about. I support the platform of Malala Yousafzia.
And I campaigned against the bombing of schools for girls in the tribal regions. Moreover, I campaign against modern day slavery and spearheaded a campaign to United Nations to seek justice for such a victim. Moreover I am passionate about preserving the biodiversity of our planet and fighting against climate change. I am a winner of the UNO 2010 Biodiversity Speech award, for my advocacy.
Furthermore, I am the international Membership Representative at Amnesty International, whereby I represent human rights activists globally. These are a few of the causes I am most passionate about along with empowering strong women to be the best version of themselves and supporting other women.
3- As Miss Pakistan World 2019 what change will you bring to your cause?
I would like to use my influence and spotlight to shine a light on the causes I am most passionate about. I want to create awareness about the need for educating girls. My goal is for all children to be provided free access to education. Which includes provision of 3 meals a day, a stipend and books. For if we are to make 100% literacy a reality we must make the required changes to make education a realistic alternative to child labour. And that is a dream of mine; to achieve 100% literacy with every young child in a school, paving a path for their future.
4- What International competitions are your taking part this year?
After Miss Pakistan World, I am taking part in World Miss University 2019 in Korea. I am very much looking forward to it as I have heard that it is a beautiful country. I can not wait to start my journey in Korea and I look forward to where it takes me next!
5- How are you preparing for it?
World Miss University is a globally renowned pageant and I am working hard to be in my top shape physically, as well as have the correct headset going into the competition. I have set up dedicated social media pages both on Instagram and Facebook to promote my work with the pageant, as it is an honour for me to take part in a remarkable pageant such as World Miss University 2019. Moreover, I have a surprise for all the audience as well as the judges, in the talent round and for that I have been rigorously perfecting my routine. I can’t tell you more than that for now, you will see soon enough!
6- Any advice would you like to give Pakistani girls who are interested in being part of pageants?
Overcome your fears and go for your dreams, you can not become what you do not dream!