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True Fiction (Movie)

True Fiction (2020) 

Written and directed by Braden Croft, True Fiction is a story of an aspiring writer Avery Malone (Sara Garcia) a quiet and lonely girl who takes a job offer as an assistant for her favorite horror writer Caleb Conrad (John Cassini).  

As she finishes the job interview, which she feels that she has failed in, she gets a call stating that she is accepted in the role. She is taken to a remote cabin, where she is supposed to be part of an experiment with the writer Caleb Conrad. Her cell phone is taken as its part of the experiment to not be in touch with anyone. Caleb explained that this experiment is a game of fear.  

As the game begins, Caleb makes Avery watch all kinds of disturbing videos with various images flashing in front of her. She gets hooked to a lie detector and is asked all kinds of personal questions. As the days go by, the tests are very disturbing and Avery has nightmares and starts questioning the difference between what is real and what is not. She is unsure of what is happening, as she feels something sinister is going on yet the film shows the audiences that it can just be a test.  

In the beginning the film was a bit slow for the first half hour but picks up with non-stop action. Towards the end, the roles of hero and villain seem to shift leaving the audiences guessing till the end.  

Garcia and Cassini put on incredible performances and bring the real meaning of fear out in the movie.  

The Last Porno Show (Movie)

The Last Porno Show (2020) 

The Last Porno Show is about a struggling actor Wayne (Nathaniel Chadwick) who grew up with his father Al (Christian Aldo) in a theatre which was known for porn. Wayne had a traumatized childhood between the fights his dad had with people and the effects of growing up in the porn theatre. A lawyer conveys the message to Al when his father Al passes away and that he inherits the theatre. Totally uninterested, Wayne decides to sell the failing porn theatre but at the same time he is pursuing a role in the and feels that his memories and life in the theatre could help with the role. He moves into the apartment above the theatre, and memories of his traumatized childhood comes back.  

The movie goes back and forth in time, where little Wayne is shown living in the theatre with his father where creepy men would come and one such incident in the bathroom let to a fight between his father and the man. Later on, Wayne finds out that his dad used to make porn movies and that he himself was in the movies he made. 

Wayne seems to be an emotional mess with the memories of his past but soon changes and becomes his memories by doing what his dad did. The film is very raw and raunchy but with a sort of a funny twist.  

The Jesus Rolls

The Jesus Rolls  

Starring John Turturro, Bobby Cannavale, Audrey Tautou, Susan Sarandon, Jon Hamm, Christopher Walken and Pete Davidson, the American drama movie is interesting but a bit aimless. However, John Turturro is amusing in the film but fails to impress the audiences with the script.  

In the film, the character Marie (Audrey Tautou) is a fun-loving gal who makes herself available easily for the two men Jesus and Petey (John Turturro, Bobby Cannavale) however she claims that she has never reached an orgasm in her life. The movie has been given a sexual-angle where Turturro, Cannavale and Tautou are involved as a trio.  

The second half of the movie, the two men pick up an older won Jean (Susan Sarandon) as she gets recently released from jail. She too thanks the men in bed and later on commits suicide. The movie is done well, but the script lacks weight and hence one can get easily bored for the time being.