Seven Trends to Make Your House a Home

Tanya Grossi, Darling Mansion Toronto

March 9, 2020 — TORONTO – It’s time to come home to a space that is inspired by you and inspires you. Home Show 2020 – The Big One presented by RE/MAX, formerly known as the National Home Show, is here to help you fall in love with your home all over again. With a new look and a new focus, you can create your space, your way.

When updating your space to make it more “your own,” start with inspiration from the top trends of 2020. Don’t know where to start? From March 13-22, The Big One will host some of the city’s top design experts, as well as inspirational activations and more than 800 vendors ready to help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re an experienced designer or first-time renter, draw on local inspiration to make your space your own. Whether it’s incorporating exposed brick, homages to street art or pulling in colourful touches from local shops, there are plenty of ways to be creative and make this trend work for you. You’ll see first hand how to do this with Rooms of the 6ix. See how easy it is to bring the look and feel of some of your favourite Toronto neighbourhoods into your space – making for the perfect conversation starter when entertaining.

Washrooms that Wow

Laufen Wall Hung Bidet, Canarama (Booth 2001)

Despite being one of the smallest rooms in your home, a stunning bathroom can leave a big impression on guests. Finally having their moment in the spotlight, washrooms are moving from a utilitarian necessity to a conversation starter. Textured tiles and moodier dark hues along with unique hardware are becoming popular elements in creating serene spaces that are both functional and super stylish. Don’t be afraid of big, bold patterns in the small footprint. Plus, future-friendly devices are big going forward, allowing room customization that suits your basic needs while also satisfying your over the top style cravings. Expect to see smart toilets and European bidets with a modern twist, voice-activated features for lighting and temperature control and even smart mirrors that make morning multitasking a breeze.


Emmie Lounge Chair in Mid-Blue/Ruby and Auburn Swivel Chair in Forest Green, Casalife (Booth 2009)

Colours Are the New Neutral

Still can’t tell the difference between arctic white and eggshell paint swatches? Good, because 2020 is all about colour and lots of it! This year expect to see neutral palettes replaced by deep, saturated hues and bold jewel tones. Colour will appear on everything from wall coverings to accent pillows, even furniture and tiles. Don’t be afraid to invest in a colour scheme that showcases your bold personality and style choices. Embrace this trend and feel free to “go big or go home.”

Jayden Dream Home, Bonneville Homes

Biophilic Living and Sustainable Materials

Nature meets home in 2020. Giving all new meaning to bringing the outdoors in, biophilic living is the art of connecting people and nature and this year “out” is definitely “in.” Nature impacts our mood, health and overall wellbeing so it only makes sense we are finally embracing this trend into our spaces in a big way. Be inspired by your surroundings and have your home inspire you, in everything from natural materials, such a stone and wood to lots of windows and natural lighting. Think an abundance of plants, living walls and natural light to get you feeling grounded and connected in a way your smartphone can’t.


Bringing Brilliance: Verlichting on Vibrant Home

Lamps, or as they’re known in Dutch, verlichting, play a pivotal role in illuminating your home and enhancing its newfound vibrant aesthetic. Just as bold colors and striking patterns redefine interior spaces, well-placed verlichting can infuse every corner with the perfect amount of light, elevating the overall ambiance. Whether casting a soft glow over richly colored walls or accentuating the jewel tones in your decor, these lamps effortlessly complement the transformative trend, ensuring that your living spaces become not only visually captivating but also warmly inviting.

Metro Cast Concrete Fire Table. InsideOut Home & Patio (Booth 1102)

Set it On Fire

Now is the time to light up your life! Functional meets stunning with this year’s hottest home features. Whether it’s a statement fireplace inside, or a functional fire pit outdoors you’ll want to snuggle up to, adding a little warmth to your space is super on-trend for 2020. The only limitation is your imagination. Get inspired and have fun with sculptural fire that will give your space character and longevity when the temperature dips.

Portia Daybed, Leon’s (Booth 2116)

Simplified Space

It’s time to have your small space and live in it too! As people become more concerned with their carbon footprint and home prices in Toronto continue to soar, our living habits are changing. Small space design focuses on having less without feeling limited. It’s about time we create new ways to live stylishly, sustainably and in a smaller footprint. Don’t let the term “simplified living” confuse you. This trend is anything but boring. This year’s Tiny Home Village will show visitors unique ways to scale up their living spaces while sizing down at the same time.

Feature Garden, Canada Blooms

Ambitious Amphibians

There is an interesting contrast emerging — an increasingly urban Canada coupled with increasing awareness about our natural environment and its importance to both planetary and human health. As more housing units are packed into an acre, it means less yard and, hence, green space. This is feeding a trend to “green” what we can — more park space and publicly accessible greenspaces, as well as green roofs, walls and balconies on private property. Encouraging more wildlife into your garden space, particularly amphibians. Frogs and toads indicate a balanced and healthy ecosystem in your garden.

Show Dates/Times:                        Mar 13-22, 2020

Venue Name:                                   Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place

Venue Address:                              100 Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto