My Little Secret – Organic Luxury Skincare!

Photo Credit – @kelx44 (Instagram Account)

My Little Secret Organics is an Organic Luxury Skincare line that targets fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, skin sagging as well as fight skin issues like hormonal and cystic acne! This skincare line further helps in lightening and brightening uneven skin tones. Furthermore, My Little Secret Organics helps in reducing skin damage, relieves inflammation and is known to dramatically increase collagen in the skin.

The highest quality USDA Organic ingredients are sourced from all over the world. It is 100% Vegan Friendly, Food-grade (edible) Animal cruelty-free and proudly manufactured in Canada. At “My Little Secret Organics” they believe in Mother Nature showing the way to healthy beautiful skin! Here are some of the featured products! 


NORTHERN MAPLE LEAF ELASTIN ELIXIR – This is the world debut of the Tri-Maple Leaf complex. This unique combination of three types of wild grown Maple leaves (Red, Sugar and Striped) forms a complex serum that has been discovered to improve skin elasticity by preventing elastin breakdown from Elastase. As elastin diminishes, the skin loses its ability to bounce back, often resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Scientists believe that the Maple Leaf helps the skin with increased elasticity giving the skin a firmer appearance and a brightened radiant glow. Maple Leaf extract is also known to reduce redness and fight hormonal and cystic acne. The Maple Leaf raw materials are ethically harvested from the USDA Certified wild forests in Ontario.

DIRECTIONS: Apply 2-3 drops and gently massage face and neck morning and/or evening. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: This is an amazing serum, as its not sticky and leaves a very moisturized finish. You can actually use this in the night as it gives a very soft, supple, and well hydrated feeling which helps the skin replenish in the night as well as repair! 


SUPER FRUIT VITAMIN C SERUM – This ground-breaking serum consists of extracts from the world’s top 5 ‘Super Fruits’ containing the highest antioxidant (ORAC) scores and Vitamin C levels. The super fruit strength derives from the stabilized organic Vitamin C concentrates that uses a unique cell wall extraction process.

Vitamin C is known to protect against free-radical damage, synthesis collagen in the skin, lighten and brighten skin tones, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. 

DIRECTIONS:Apply 2-3 ‘pearl size’ drops of serum to face and neck, concentrating around eye area and lips. Gently massage into skin. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: A potent and organic serum, and very hydrating as well! This is what we used in the daytime and felt that it created a strong base for any moisturizer to keep the skin perfectly hydrated yet work on brightening the skin! 


AXS INTENSE ANTIOXIDANT OIL – Exclusive Formula of extreme antioxidants featuring a revolutionary blend of high concentrations of Vitamin A, perfectly combined with highly concentrated Vitamin C super fruits. Deliver a delicious blend of organic therapeutic oils that offer the skin unparalleled anti-aging benefits. 

ASTAXANTHIN is recognized as one of the world’s strongest mega-rich antioxidants. Boasting an ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 2,822,200.Most antioxidants fail by comparison. For example; Green Tea only offers 1253 on the ORAC score. A simple taste of this exotic elixir and your skin will be hooked for life. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply 2-3 drops to face, neck and decollate. Finish with Day or Night moisturizer 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: In our opinion, you don’t really need a moisturizer as this is enough on its own! However, you can use it both ways, as a face oil or as a moisturizer! Very hydrating and the face feel soft, and relaxed! 


REVOLUTIONARY EYE REPAIR CREAM – Spirulina and Kakadu Plum infused. This delicate cream concentration reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps reduce skin damage, brightens and lightens skin tone, relieves inflammation and is known to dramatically increase collagen in the skin. 

DIRECTIONS: Dispense 1 drop of eye cream on the tip of your finger and dab around the lower and outer eye area. Gently massage, avoiding direct contact with eyes. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: This is one of the best eye creams out there, as it in between a cream and a balm, and the consistency is thick yet dssolves well around the eye area! When used in the morning time, it helps in depuffing the eyes!