Natural Personal Care Products by Apix Biologix

Apis Biologix, a family-owned and operated Honey Bee farm, offers safe, high performance personal care products! Apis Biologix provides premium quality naturally-sourced personal care products that are sourced from their Honey Bee farm hives, and crafted by their hands. All Apis Biologix products are handmade without high heat or chemical processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients. Nutrients are maintained in their natural state, offering high performance results that only nature can provide. 

Apis Biologix health and beauty products set a high standard for performance and quality. The ingredients used are sourced from nature, in proprietary blends and formulas such as essential oils, carrier oils, butters, natural waxes, botanical extracts and more. Offering the very best that nature has to offer.    

Recent research has shown that the average woman uses 12 products with a combined total of 168 chemical ingredients daily, while men use an average of 6 products that contain a combined approximate total of 85 chemical ingredients. The skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything put on it. The field epigenetics is beginning to uncover the mechanisms by which chemical exposures can have multigenerational negative health effects. Apis Biologix applies the principle of precaution in this respect, and the search for clean, high quality natural personal care products could be described as the genesis of the company- Apis Biologix. 

Coconut Caramel Honey Hair Repair

Here are some of the amazing natural products by Apis Biologix: 

Hand Repair Products -For the worked, the weathered and the worn hands.  All natural, all the time, our hand repair is packed full of natures finest skin healing ingredients. 100% natural Ingredients – free from parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and Sulphates.

  • Replenishes hydration lost from hand sanitizers
  • Primary indication – Dry or cracked hands, feet, elbows, nicks, scrapes, cuts or otherwise irritated skin
  • Formulated with Bees wax, Grape seed oil, Lanolin, zinc and vitamin E to provide fast and lasting relief from most types of skin irritation(s)
  •  One jar is up to a full year’s

    Cedarwood Citrus Hand Repair


Coconut Caramel Honey Hand Repair 

Pina Colada Hair Repair 

Sandalwood Vanilla Hair Repair 

Cedarwood Citrus Hand Repair

Body Butters are a highly concentrated, rich, restorative treatment that are perfect for sensitive and dry skin. High in natural state vitamins and fatty acids, providing the essential nutrition to heal and revitalize, promoting a glowing skin complexion. 100% natural Ingredients – free from parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and Sulphates.

  • Use as an all over body moisturizer

    Peppermint Whipped Body Butter

  • Natural make-up remover
  • Perfect for dry patches on your elbow and knees
  • Cuticle treatment
  • Pamper your freshly-shaved legs

Pepermint Whipped Body Butter

Apple Pear Crisp Body Butter

Tropical Smoothie Body Butter

Pina Colada Body Butter

All-natural Lip Balms will nourish, heal and protect your lips from even the harshest of elements. Formulated with natural precision for the softest, smoothest lips. Our lip balms glide on silky-smooth and have been formulated to provide the ultimate protection and hydration for your lips. 100% natural Ingredients – free from parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and Sulphates.

  • High concentrations of key ingredients only found in trace amounts in most other lip balms.
  • Serious Lip Care.

Flavour(s): Apple Pear Crisp, Tropical Smoothie, Pina Colada, Peppermint, Licorice, Hot Cocoa, Grapefruit Lime, Coconut Caramel Honey, Butterscotch, & Berry Pie.

Apis Biologix, also has products for pets. 

Dog Paw & Skin Aid

  • Treats itchy skin areas
  • Treats hot spots
  • Treats wet (oozing) / dry skin
  • Treats insect bites / stings
  • Treats cuts / wounds for reduced risk of infection and dramatically faster healing times.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients, and Fragrance Free.
  • Formulated with Bees wax, Shea Butter, Grape seed oil, Lanolin, bentonite clay and vitamin E.
  • MOISTURIZES & SOOTHES dry itchy paw pads.
  • PROTECTS PAWS: Protect against icy cold snow, road salt, hot asphalt, beach sand, and dry paws.
  • WOUND CARE: Natural antiseptic for hot spots, skin wounds, abscesses, and bites. LICK SAFE – and research verified ingredients to assist wound healing.
  • MAINTAIN PAW HEALTH: Use Paw & Skin Aid regularly to maintain healthy paws.

Applying Dog Paw & Skin Aid before your hunts / walks, creates a barrier of protection. It allows your dog’s paw pads to remain tough but will lock in moisture to prevent cracks and other damage.