NeoNaturelle Cosmetics Featured Products

NeoNaturelle Cosmetics is a newly launched company that represents the needs and points of view of different generations. The idea of this company was born while searching for natural/clean products, not just made of oils and extracts, but the formulas that have real antiaging active ingredients. NeoNaturelle products have botanicals and are fortified with clean & safe actives. 6 out of 7 products from NeoNaturelle’s skincare line can be used by a pregnant or lactating woman or any person with sensitive skin. The only exception is the “Skin Repair Face Oil” as it has retinol in it as pregnant women cannot use retinol. 

NeoNaturelle’s mission is not just to provide customers with potent and clean skincare- but also to educate them. NeoNaturelle includes educating customers about a complete well-being approach to health including mental health, diet, exercise, and skincare. 

Three amazing products are featured today:  

  • Vitamin C Serum (Signature & Award-Winning Product) 
  • Ultra-Hydration Cream 
  • 5 in 1 Healing Balm 

Vitamin C Serum (Signature & Award-Winning Product) 

Apply to clean face as a first step of your skin routine followed by Ultra Hydration or Intense Nutrition cream or your daily moisturizer. 

This antioxidant rich anti-aging face serum has Vitamin C concentration of 23%! 

C-Major Vitamin C serum has a waterless formula that ensures stability and prolonged Vitamin C activity. The importance of water-free formulation shouldn’t be overlooked. Once dissolved in water Vitamin C begins to oxidize, reducing the potency of the product, and making it capable of causing damage. The type of Vitamin C is gentle on the skin, delivering maximum potency with no risk of irritation.  

Niacinamide, aloe vera, vitamin E and squalene in the serum boosts collagen production, soften and nourish the skin and reduce skin discoloration. With continuous use skin appears brighter and healthier. 

Ultra-Hydration Cream 

There is no need to buy multiple products to get results as this is an All-in-one daily moisturizer. 

  • After serums 
  • As a solo product if you are prone to breakouts 
  • All year around for normal to oily skin 
  • As a summer moisturizer for dry skin 
  • All-in-one whipped face cream restores moisture balance and improves all signs of aging. Use day and night, all over your face, around your eyes and neck.  
  • 72-hour moisture complex and Hyaluronic acid provide long lasting hydration, plump and smooth your skin. Combination of peptides and ceramides improve and protect your skin. Hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, and potent Shilajit all work together to offer lasting age correction. 
  • Matrixyl* has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging by activating the skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 
  • Our formulation is highly effective because it creates a delivery mechanism that infuses the active ingredients into the deepest layers of your skin. 
  • *palmitoyl oligopeptide (and) palmitol tetrapeptide-7 

5 in 1 Healing Balm 

Use as an ointment when you need to soothe an injury or irritation. Use as a daily moisturizer for additional healing and nourishment. 

100% natural balm will protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions.  

5 in 1 Skin Remedy Healing Balm is essential for both, winter sport lovers and sun worshippers and has a wide-range of functions: 

  • Anti-inflammatory properties from natural camphor, calendula, hemp seed oil, rosehip oil, arnica, wormwood, and St. John’s Wort oils 
  • Pain-Relief from camphor and wormwood oils, long known for their analgesic properties 
  • Healing (regenerating) properties from rosehip oil, vitamin E, sea buckthorn, and calendula 
  • Anti-Microbial qualities come from natural tea tree oil, known for its benefits ranging as widely as treating acne and eliminating nail fungus. Calendula, rosehip and wormwood oils also help combat microbial problems. 
  • Deep Moisturizing comes from vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oils, as they restore natural lipid (fat) levels and keep moisture locked in for hours afterward.  

Use it when you need to soothe an injury or irritation. Excellent choice for those who want some deep moisturizing while healing.