Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020, Ravish Zahid – Thomas

The new Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 has been announced with the 26 years old university student, Ravish Zahid-Thomas. Ravish, is currently enrolled in the university of Texas in the Human Resources program. She is also an American Pakistani influencer and is now juggling a new role in life as Mrs. Pakistan World 2020.  

When asked as to why she participated in the Mrs. Pakistan World beauty pageant, she said, “I wanted to become Mrs. Pakistan World to show the world that Pakistani women are more than just being oppressed, conservative, and uneducated. I wanted to represent my home country Pakistan in all facets and show everyone that Pakistani women can also be cultured, morally strong, beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, and resilient.” 

Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, currently, residing near Dallas, Texas, Ravish moved to the USA in 2016 and married her husband, Drew Thomas. 

Ravid Zahid – Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

Ravish also stated, “Becoming Mrs. Pakistan World is a dream come true. It is a great honor and, I must say, a great privilege to become Mrs. Pakistan World 2020. Being able to represent Pakistani married women not only in Pakistan and the United States of America but, rather, at an international level around the globe is a great opportunity.  I am beyond glad and humbled as a married Pakistani woman to be able to get this title to inspire more married women and help them make a positive change in their community through their individuality.” 

Sonia Ahmed, President of Mrs. Pakistan World, stated, “We are very happy with the Ravish Zahid- Thomas representing Pakistan this year. She will be representing Pakistan in the Mrs. Ocean 2020 contest in December. We are hoping that after the Covid-19 pandemic resolves, we can start preparing for international pageants and also focus on charities. We are focusing on the positive and hoping that everything resolves and that we can get back to more work in the coming months. In the meantime, we are keeping busy with representation online.” 

Ravid Zahid – Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

When asked about how married Pakistani women are not getting enough representation, Ravish Zahid- Thomas stated, “I believe dedicating your life to your husband, kids, family and home is a wonderful idea, but giving up on yourself and everything, it is not acceptable. My prime objective is to spread awareness and educate parents to give daughters equal privileges and autonomy as sons. Let them go out, get education, work, gain confidence and experience the real world. Let them make mistakes and let them learn from it. Trust them and most of all believe in them and their aspirations. Let them be the decisionmakers of their lives and you will see the difference. Independent self-made women are so much stronger than other women. They are not any less than strong, successful men in our societies. I want to motivate parents and young women to dream big. They too can embody a successful career while upholding their culture, heritage and family values.”