Sabrina Wasim – Miss Pakistan Supreme 2022

Sabrina Wasim- Miss Pakistan Supreme 2022

Sabrina Wasim is the newly appointed Miss Pakistan Supreme 2022 from the overseas edition. She belongs to New Jersey, USA and will be representing Pakistan internationally in the coming months.  

When appointed Miss Pakistan Supreme 2022, Sabrina stated, “It all starts with your mindset first and your actions second. I am here right now because I put my mind to something and followed that with actions to gear me in that direction. Of course, it isn’t always a simple road, but that is the beauty of it! The journey has prepared me for so much more than I expected in the beginning. I feel fearless! Once I’ve set my mind to a goal, now I’ve got to get to work physically to achieve it. This brings in my physical health. It is so important to eat a healthy diet and to exercise regularly to keep your body boosted with energy to do anything you want! I’ve personally experienced how much of a difference working out has made in my life. I’ve felt stronger, healthier, and more confident in achieving anything I want.

Sabrina Wasim- Miss Pakistan Supreme 2022

Of course, I am representing Pakistan, so I also need to stay grounded to my roots and culture. I love speaking in my language and learning about my country so when I do go to these international competitions, I truly feel I am representing my country.   

Sonia Ahmed President of Miss Pakistan, said that she was very happy to welcome Sabrina Wasim who would be taking the presence of Pakistan in pageantry to several international pageants.