Saman Shah, Former Mrs. Pakistan makes it to SocioOn Top 100 Personality

Saman Shah is an American Pakistani beauty queen who recently launched her book named, “Mrs. Pakistan World,” is now included in the SocioON 100 Top Super Soul Personality. SocioON drives from “Socio” which means interaction “To societyWith society and From society.” The study of Social values and norms through Socio-Technological aspects always be influential for a healthy environment. 

Being a woman who worked in the real estate field as well as earned various titles in national and international beauty pageants, Saman Shah has now been awarded the SocioON 100 Top Personality where she through her platform will empower more women and encourage them to achieve their goals in life.   

SocioON is a Media Network which is represented by SocioON social media that paying its responsibility to enhance the value of Socio-Technology with the proposition of (Technology for Human Development)

SocioON social media has changed the already adopted patterns from other Social Media. Social media is an advance condition of Technology which has summarized the whole world as a global village and SocioON is a unique combination of Technology and Social life. SocioON empowers women by giving them the opportunity towards self-reliance and to utilize the technology to their advantage. It addresses two fundamental objectives found in human nature, to be social and to earn. Both these fundamental needs of society are catered in a format where everyone is a winner, no matter how small or large. 

Saman Hasnain Shah, had launched her career in the pageant field with the Mrs. Pakistan World pageant, now known as Mrs. Pakistan. She was crowned in 2008 and from there was sent to two international pageants: Mrs. World and Mrs. Globe. She won a total of 6 international titles and became the first beauty queen for Pakistan to win so many titles. After spending 10 years in the USA, she came back to Pakistan to handle her family’s business. 


She launched her book, named, “Mrs. Pakistan World,” in Pakistan after publishing two other books previously. The book is available on Amazon as well. Her book is about a married woman’s journey as Mrs. Pakistan World into the world of beauty pageants and how she achieved bringing Pakistan on the map of international pageants. This former beauty queen got strong support for the launch of her book from the Mrs. Pakistan World pageant as well as from strong empowered women around the world.  

From the business field, to the pageant field and then on to the international pageant field, Saman Shah has achieved what most Pakistani women rarely do. Today, she is a lifetime judge for the Mrs./Mr./Miss Pakistan World beauty pageant as well as Mrs. Globe pageant! Being a part of SocioOn’s Top 100 Super Souls (from Pakistan) and being recognized as one of the top 100 leaders has opened more doors for Saman Shah and she will be doing a lot more for Pakistan.