Shyraa Roy, Miss Trans Pakistan 2021

Shyraa Roy – Miss Trans Pakistan 2021

The newly formed title – Miss Trans Pakistan is a new platform that has crowned the first ever Trans Woman, Shyraa Roy as Miss Trans Pakistan 2021. Shyraa is an established singer, an aspiring actress as well as busy recording her new single in Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry.  After her schooling years in Pakistan, Shyraa moved to Dubai for a short while and is back in Pakistan to focus on her singing career.   

When asked about how she even thought about participating in a beauty pageant, Shyraa Roy said, “I was never aware about beauty pageants and I had never dreamt about being in a beauty pageant. Especially for transwomen, representation is very less, so how could one even think about a beauty pageant! When I heard about a beauty pageant taking place for Trans Women, I thought I’ll apply and see what happens. But when I won the title, it was unbelievable and I was shocked and I’m still amazed that something like this is even possible! I am really blessed and when I won, I was happy yet crying as it felt like I was finally celebrating my true self. I’m pretty sure after this historic change there will be a noise in Pakistan as well as a strong representation of Pakistan’s Trans Community in the world for years. This has definitely broken all kinds of stereotypes for trans women.”  

Shyraa Roy – Miss Trans Pakistan 2021

She further added, “My advocacy is human welfare and transgender rights, and my aim is to help the underprivileged transgenders who beg on the streets as they don’t have any ways or means of making an income as transgenders don’t get the same opportunities like other genders. I feel sad and very low sometimes as there is so much, I would like to do for the trans

community and hence with this title I will aim at bringing my advocacy to some light.”  

Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World as well as the newly formed Miss Trans Pakistan said, “The Miss Trans Pakistan title is a very important title, as we have now understood that the transgender community needs to be represented through various platforms, and a beauty pageant is one of them. I am very excited after a long time as it gives me great pleasure to give a voice and representation to the transgender community through this platform. This will enable the winners to travel internationally and represent Pakistan in various Trans International pageants, where the winner will meet other transgender women and get to see the world from a different perspective. That knowledge will be brought back to Pakistan, where trans rights and trans people will get only stronger. This is a new beginning for Pakistan and through role models like Shyraa, many other trans women will feel represented.”  

Shyraa Roy – Miss Trans Pakistan 2021

Ahmed further said, “Pakistan is one of the few countries that have recognized the trans community however, the trans community do go through a lot of discrimination. The only way to combat this is through representation through various ways.”  

On this historic moment, Pakistan’s first Transwoman is crowned thanks to amazing sponsors like Noshaba Zia  based in Islamabad, Pakistan and this is an important date to remember as well as celebrate, as now there will be more international representation for the trans community of Pakistan, through their representative, Shyraa Roy – Miss Trans Pakistan 2021.