The Hair Routine

Introducing THE HAIR ROUTINE: A Canadian brand on a mission to redefine daily hair care rituals  

The Hair Routine’s intention is to connect consumers to the products they want, provide the guidance they are seeking, and start a movement that would redefine the relationship most people have with hair.  

They build smart solutions for people to be able to make smart decisions because loving yourself starts with self-care and loving your hair starts with hair care. They believe in meaningful connections, purposeful routines, and high performing products without compromising our health nor our planet’s. The Hair Routine is cruelty-free, vegan, made in Canada, nontoxic, organic, fully transparent, and uses reusable packaging. The bottles and jars are made of tempered glass, and the boxes are fully biodegradable.  


The Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner formulas include essential oils such as tea tree and eucalyptus oil to balance every type of hair and stimulate circulation for hair growth. The coconut oil and natural sugars create a creamy texture to gently cleanse the scalp making it nourished, moisturized, and fresh. It is especially developed to restore the hair’s natural pH-level, locking-in nutrients, and smoothing the cuticles.  

The BALANCING SHAMPOO is formulated to perform on all hair types and deliver results that last. It purposefully opens the strands’ cuticles to allow nutrients to be absorbed effectively. This formula contains essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree oil to balance the hair, to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, and promote hair growth. The coconut oil and natural sugars create a creamy texture to gently cleanse the scalp leaving it feeling nourished and fresh. 

The BALANCING CONDITIONER is formulated to perform on all hair types and deliver results that last. It purposefully closes the cuticles to allow the treatments to be locked in. This formula contains essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree oil to balance the hair and promote hair growth. The coconut oil, argan oil, and natural sugars create a creamy texture leaving the strands feeling soft and fresh.  


We all need all three treatments, yet different hair needs them in amounts and frequencies. The best thing to do is to follow a personalized routine to get and maintain healthy, shiny, and strong hair. Made of functional formulas bursting with botanical goodness, these masks help replenish the strands with what they really need: water, oil, and protein. Every treatment serves a specific purpose. Moisture retains water to keep the hair hydrated which gives it its shape and malleability. Nurture replenishes the hair’s oils to define the curls, give shine, and tame frizz. Repair gives the hair the proteins it needs to stay strong and voluminous.  

The MOISTURE TREATMENT hydrates the hair and stimulates the scalp with a formulation of comforting ingredients that includes grapeseed oil and soothing lavender and lemon scents. Moisture locking ingredients such as glacial water, sucrose, provitamin B5, meadowfoam seed, sweet almond, olive, and coconut oils giving the strands silkiness, elasticity, and smoothness.  

The NURTURE TREATMENT rebalances the hair oils with a lustrous formula made of sunflower seed, avocado, argan, evening primrose, grapeseed, and olive oils as well as shea butter, ginseng, and rosehip extracts. This treatment deeply nourishes the hair while the de-frizz system leaves it shiny and defined. A combination of grapefruit, ylang ylang, and bergamot essential oils promote hair growth.  

The REPAIR TREATMENT restores hair mass with a unique formulation that includes regenerative ingredients such as keratin, oats, corn, wheat, soy proteins, and oat amino acids. Blended with cocoa butter, coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E, panthenol, white nettle flower, ginseng, and gleditsia australis seed extracts to regain volume and strength. The clary sage and lemongrass essential oils help prevent hair loss and foster calmness.  

The Routine Hair only needs water, oil, and protein to be healthy. Sun exposure, heat, chemical procedures, and other daily pollutants strip your hair from its essential nutrients. Therefore, it’s important to follow a hair routine to not only replenish these nutrients but also ensure your hair’s longevity and vitality. The order of your routine matters, and consistency is key to achieving healthy hair and long-lasting results.  

The Hair Routine offers a bespoke approach to haircare: After completing a simple online consultation – you’ll receive your very own customized hair routine, to help balance your hair’s moisture, oil, and proteins, based on your hair type, lifestyle, and goals. Once you’re all set, you will have your haircare routine in the form of a calendar and receive reminders according to what your hair needs to a specific day. You can also decide to get a subscription that is customized according to what you need so they only send the products you need only when you need them.  

The woman behind the brand It was Clarissa de Queiroz’s passion for haircare and her interest in clean beauty that inspired her to create a brand that challenges decades of standards implied by the beauty industry. Beyond just hair products, The Hair Routine was born from her own personal background. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, where hair has always been an important part of the heritage and culture, she learned from a very young age that haircare is an essential form of self-love, individuality, and self-expression. Coming from a family of multiple backgrounds broadened her perspectives. Her family values and her deep knowledge of everything hair related were the solid base to support the creation of a brand that is revolutionizing the way we think about hair care.  

After moving to Canada 3 years ago, her biggest struggle was finding access to products and ingredients she needed in order to keep up with her hair routine, a popular method of hair care used back in Brazil. She created her own hair masks in the kitchen with ingredients she could recognize and understand. Not long after that, friends and colleagues were asking her for products, as well as advice and tips on hair care; and that’s when the idea of making her own brand was conceived. “My grandma taught me that caring for my hair is more than simply a hobby, but rather a way of reconnecting with myself.” Clarissa affirms that loving her natural hair has been a huge source of confidence.  

Being able to introduce this new methodology to an industry that’s been molded to impossible and harmful standards has been the challenge that keeps her up at night. She is working to communicate the struggle that pushed her to make her own products in the first place: “I am very conscious about personal care, but for my hair, it’s something different. I want to use the best hair products for myself, and if I don’t find them, I create them. I put a lot of effort and thought into the ingredients I personally use and their functionality, so I obviously did the same to create The Hair Routine’s products.” THE HAIR ROUTINE is available online at, and also at various in-store and online retailers across Canada, including SSENSE, Beauties Lab, Etiket, Elle & Jane, Health Hut, Anise Apothecary, Oak & Tonic & Lux Beauty.