Top 5 places to visit in Murree, Pakistan

Written by Asad Ali 

Murree, Hill Station in Pakistan. Photo by Uzair Kashif

Pakistan is a beautiful country because nature has enriched it with everything. The country is full of beautiful sea shores, historical places, forests, delightful lakes, and there are numerous scenic hill stations in Pakistan. Individuals in many places of Pakistan appreciate a wide range of climate however the appeal of celebrating an occasion on a beautiful hill station is an incredible delight for individuals living in the hustle bustle of urban areas. 

People always prefer to visit these hill stations in the summer or  spring. However, the individuals who love to play with snow and skiers can take a tour of Murree in the winter time. 

Murree, Pakistan, Photo by Uzair Ahmed

One more thing to note here is that the shootings of movies usually take place in Murree. Many Pakistani movies (Lollywood) as well as Pakistani dramas are shot in this area as it provides the actors with less stress to deal with the city life, as well as less population to distract them. 

Murree is one of the most famous and happening hill stations of Pakistan. It is a well-visited destination by the residents of Islamabad (capital city of Pakistan) as it lies in close proximity. Murree is likewise visited as one of the most accessible spots for Pakistani sightseers in the summer as well as during the winters.  It comprises of 92 villages. Murree is situated along Islamabad-Kohala expressway N75, nearly 30 km (19 minutes)  away from the upper east of side of Islamabad.  

The name Murree is derived from ‘marhi’, which means “high spot.” It is also believed to be named after the Saint Virgin Mary, hence the name, “Murree.”

Murree, Hill Station in Pakistan

A nineteenth century post office Murree was established in 1851 by the Governor of Punjab, Sir Henry Lawrence. The town of Murree was developed at Sunnybank in 1853. The congregation was purified in May 1857, and the primary street, Jinnah Road, which was known as The Mall Road some time ago, was established. The most critical business foundations, the Post Office, general traders with European products, tailors and a millinery, were built as well. Until 1947, access to Jinnah Road was confined for “locals” (non-Europeans). Until 1876, Murree was the late spring home office of the Punjab local government; after 1876 the base camp were moved to Simla. 

Murree, Hill Station in Pakistan

In the year 1857 (summer of 1857), the two local tribes the Dhond Abbasi and the Tanoli tribe had decided to fight the British army. The battle was driven by the head of the Dhond Abbasi clan, Sardar Sherbaz Khan, and by Malik Nawab Bahadur Khan of the Tanoli clan. They battled honourably against the British Army, giving the British significant challenges. The British Army in the end consented to an arrangement with the neighbourhood Abbasi clan, which was rejected by the Tanoli clan, In this way the resistance against the British got weaker. The British Army later disregarded the consent to assume responsibility for Murree. Numerous English officers and managers decided to spend their summers there on account of cooler temperatures. The British settled in and raised families.

Murree isn’t just respected for its peaceful condition, and colorful sights; the Government of Pakistan has put a huge investment in the city by creating non-characteristic settings that are similarly fascinating. Murree is a tremendous donor towards Pakistan’s travel industry. Here we are going to discuss the top five places to visit in Murree. 

  1. Kashmir Point

    Murree, Hill Station in Pakistan

It is a place where you can view the beautiful  mountains of Kashmir. You will likewise experience Cadet College Murree which goes from the Murree Residence zone. Kashmir Point is a lovely spot as you will see here the Kashmir Mountains as well as beautiful green trees. It’s the most jam-packed zone of Murree on the grounds due to the shopping center situated there. Kashmir Point has a bazaar with shopping places and food courts for tourists to enjoy. 

2. Patriata Air Ride 

Murree, Hill Station in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Murree is the first destination for tourists where its authorities introduce chair lifts and cable cars. There is also a beautiful hill station in Murree named Patriata also commonly known as the “New Murree.” It is the highest point with hills as high as 7,500 feet (2,300 m) above sea level in the area. To visit the highest points in Patriata you have to ride through chair lifts and cable cars. Remember to keep yourself prepared for the chilly atmosphere in Patriata.  

Murree, Hill Station in Pakistan

3. Ayubia National Park 

Murree hill station has a beautiful and little man-made park ned as Ayubia National Park . It is one of the major recreational scenes, encompassed by 7 towns and 4 humble communities. Ayubia National Park is home to 203 types of feathered creatures, 31 types of vertebrates and 104 types of plants. Due to its variety of wildlife, I think it might be a good tourist place for wildlife lovers. 

Murree, Hill Station in Pakistan. Photo by Zarak Khan

4. Sozo Water Park 

With water rides, internal theme park, and a haunted house, Sozo Water Park is known as the first and water park in  Pakistan. It is a water themed amusement park in Murree. Due to its beautiful water rides, it’s a great point of interest for tourism It has three pools with different depths. A lot of tourists like to visit it with their child because beginning the day with a reviving visit to the Sozo Water Park is the most thrilling encounters ever. 

5. The Mall Road 

Murree’s Mall Road is well known little stretch of street having number of shops and eatery. It’s mainstream among individuals around the nation and visitor everywhere throughout the world. Mall Road is an immense populated street in Murree infact during summer it would be jam for traffic due gigantic number of individuals stroll on this street. Shopping center Road is a best packed shopping place in Murree for purchasing anything. It is necessary to make sure that you take a hotel near to Mall road so you can easily visit the streets of Murree fullest.  

In order to enjoy Pakistan, Murree is a must see destination and a place that cannot be missed in Pakistan!