Top Restaurants of Pakistan 

Written by Rafay Shareef

Pakistanis are mostly known for their food. There is a wide range of food to be offered in Pakistan which varies region wise. Every region has its own specialty for which they are popular for. Pakistanis are considered to be one of the top foodies who don’t compromise on their food. According to a survey an average Pakistani household spends as much as 104,000 to 170,000 annually on food, which clearly tells us about their craziness for food. Here we are going to talk about which restaurants serves the best food, where even foreigners love to visit and taste the food.  

The Monal-Islamabad: Globally renowned place for the visitors and a restaurant with not only the most delicious traditional and foreign dishes but also a breathtaking view which gives an addition pleasure for dine in. Located at the top of the Margalla Hills, the area adds a magnificent experience for the visitors. Monal is a must visit destination for those who visit Islamabad. 

Kolachi-Karachi: Spirit of Karachi! The tagline does justice to this restaurant. As it is located at the prime location of Karachi that is at the bank of the Arabian Sea. It provides you a warm breeze from the sea along with a peaceful ambiance. Such a rich ambiance does justice only when the food is also as good as ambiance. Their specialty includes BBQ, Steaks and Karahi, which is made with rich ingredients that leaves the customer wanting more. 

Café Imran-GharoLocal side corner dhaba restaurant has served personalities as Amir Khan (Boxer). This locally situated restaurant has its customers globally. What makes this dhaba so famous is the hygiene and ambiance which the owner takes care of religiously. This level of hygiene could not be found in any other restaurant of such category. Serving the best quality food in an economical price is what makes this place pocket friendly. Although, they deal in vast range of dishes but their BBQ is the exquisite item on the menu.  

Cooco’s Den-Lahore: The oldest yet the most known restaurant of Lahore, situated near Heera Mandi and constructed in the most traditional way possible, serves the best desi food. It serves everything, beginning from the appetizer to delectable Lahore entrees along with a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Having dine-in there is not just limited to the food but you can even enjoy the artistic feels which will make you recall the past history of this historical place.  

Café Aylanto-Lahore: Fine dining restaurant, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine and offering a posh dining with a diverse menu! A perfect place for couples to have a date night and to experience the most peaceful and luxurious outing. The menu includes large range of appetizers, as well as pasta, pizza, burgers and sandwiches. The menu also includes a lot of other items too. Having such a class ambiance along with gracious menu speaks itself that this is the place only for elites. 

Steak by CFU: Steak house for which you have to reserve a seat a month before. The reason behind such craziness is the way they use their unique skills to make the steak. They have different categories of steak which include chicken steak, fish steak and their most demanding beef steak. They use their flavorsome sauces for each steak to taste different. Steak by CFU is must visit restaurant for steak lovers.  

Café Flo: It is another expensive restaurant with some blend of French cuisine. While dining there, the ambiance will make you feel that you are sitting in an Italian French restaurant. You will experience the diversity of the menu which comprise of refreshment items and a different category for brunch and dinner as well. Elite class restaurants itself speaks about their taste, hygiene and ambiance. This is purely a place for business meetups and a fine date place too 

Okra: It redefined what fine dining is all about. The menu revolves around veggies! The unique thing about Okra is that, the restaurant usually changes its menu constantly which creates a strong competition against the competitors. The restaurant keeps testing with new ingredients and recipes. A pure vegetarian restaurant, it also includes an aromatic and fancy desert menu. Okra is a must visit for the vegetarians as they would love the food out there.  

Baking Virsa A popular traditional Kashmiri cuisine in Lahore where even celebrities and politicians visit. It is popular because of its taste and the popularity of the late owner. They have a unique way of reservation and most surprisingly they do not have sitting arrangement that means you cannot have dine-in. You have to make reservation before visiting the restaurant, they take pre-orders, to serve their customers. They offer specific Kashmiri items which includes Mutton Chops and Mutton Rack of Ribs. Their specialty is Quwarma Bread and Mutton Kebab. They are very limited on menu but they make sure that they are worth the price.   

Butt Karahi: In the heart of Lahore lies a desi king of karahi. They have a wide range of karahi dishes. The most demanding karahi is the “desi murgh karahi” which is famous all over Pakistan. They are the most experienced and the pioneers of karahi in Lahore. Apart from karahi they also offer Chinese cuisine, seasonal dishes and also limited BBQ as well. A must visit restaurant!  

These restaurants are the most demanding and a must visit for the foodies. There is a long list of more restaurants which also offers tempting dishes. One will not be disappointed after visiting these restaurants. Infact they will end up loving the food.