Travel to Dhaka

Written by Farhana Sadia Nity (Bangladesh contributor)

Dhaka is the capital and one of the oldest cities of beautiful lush Bangladesh. The traffic of Dhaka is unbearable as the city is over populated. However,  you can explore the treasures that Dhaka city has to offer even though sometimes you will feel very intimidated. If you are in Dhaka or planning to travel to Dhaka you should do the following things listed below, otherwise you will miss the flavour of the “Real Dhaka.” 

  1. Street food 

In Dhaka, you’ll find a variety of mouth-watering street foods that will fill not only your mind but also your memory of Dhaka. 

Fuchka is the most popular street food in Dhaka which has a unique spicy, sour & crispy taste. You can also try ‘Doi-Fuchka‘. 

Jhalmuri is a spicy puffed rice salad. Sometimes chopped cucumbers and lemon juice are one of the many ingredients found in jhalmuri, which gives it a zesty and refreshing taste. 

Pitha is a rice cake. In the Old Dhaka city, you will find two types of pithas: steamed and pan-fried. Both kinds are a must try! 

Aloo puri is a breakfast item or eaten as a snack served with salad or curry on the side.  

Rasmalai is Bangladesh’s sweet delicacy. It is available mostly in every sweet shop. It is very famous internationally as well.  

Naan is an oven-baked flatbread which is similar to a paratha. There are various types of naan found in Dhaka. 

Roasted chicken is a signature dish of Dhaka city. The spices that the Dhaka people use will entice your sense of smell first before you even see the dish. During this time you can try the different naan’s available with the chicken as well.  

Tea, is a regular drink that you’ll find in Dhaka like raw-tea, milktea, masala– tea, chillytea, ginger-tea, malaitea, layer-tea, tulsi-tea, cha (liquor tea) etc. There are tea- stalls on every street and are a common view on the streets of Dhaka. 

  1. Explore old Dhaka

Old Dhaka is a district of Dhaka which is located on the banks of Buriganga River. Old Dhaka is the best place for sightseeing. This place is an architectural enlightenment where you can get to discover art and culture. Lots of amazing historical sites as well as narrow alleys and crazy crowds make up old Dhaka. If you visit the national museum you will be able to sense the country’s troubled past & the “Liberation War Museum.” You can also visit the world’s 10th biggest mosque “Baitul Mukarram Mosque.” For a more exciting experience, you can also wander through the city’s largest garment market area the Banga Bazaar. You can also pay a visit to Dhakeshwari Temple. Tremendous crumbling buildings are enough to grab your attention. Your “old Dhaka” visit won’t be complete without a visit to the spice market along with Bara Katra, Star Mosque, Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil Palace (The Pink Palace), The Rainbow Mosque, Shakhari Bazar/Hindu Street and  Armenian Church. 

  1. Shop Garments

Bangladesh is one of the top producers of the garments in the whole world. “Dhaka Wholesale Markets” are famous for all types of garments in Bangladesh. The wholesalers of Dhaka always have something exclusive and stylish to serve their customers. You can buy top quality garments at a very cheap price. While you are in Dhaka, shop as much as you can. New market will be the place to go for this kind of shopping. 

  1. Rickshaw Rides

Dhaka is known for city of rickshaws. All though rickshaw is banned from the main streets, they are the king on any small street. You will find thousands of rickshaws in the small streets. You’ll able to feel the Dhaka more with a rickshaw ride. You’ll enjoy the city like a local buddy by riding a rickshaw in any street. Not only is rickshaw the most popular transport to travel in taking but also very cheap. So grab the chance to ride a rickshaw & make your travel memorable.   

  1. Boat Rides

Boat riding is a chance to get away from all the clamor. A trip on the city’s main river, the Buriganga, is an exciting way to spend some time. You must try the boat trip on the Buriganga river. The river is often described as Dhaka’s lifeblood. With 200 tk per hour you can enjoy your “me time” by watching ship-cleaning and repairing work. Though today the river is heavily polluted with industrial and household waste. But don’t be put off by this. It remains an important transport route for huge numbers of people every day and you’re going to explore another part of Dhaka city. During the whole time you will feel the welcome party is being thrown in your honour if you see around you. So don’t miss a boat ride. 

  1. Visit “Dhaka University”

There are many places to see at the Dhaka University. Just go to Dhaka University Central Mosque and other attractions like Aparajeyo Bangla, Cho bir Hat, Faculty of Fine Arts (Charukala), Graveyard of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, Nat model, Dhaka University Central Library, Hakim ChattarModhur Canteen, Arts Building (Kala Bhaban), Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Building, Dhaka University Memorial, Razu Vaskarjo, TSC, Curzon Hall and Shaheed Minar. Visiting Dhaka University is a part of looking at the cultural heritage of Dhaka.     

  1. Dhaka Nights

When the sun goes down Dhaka finds opportunities to party! There is a saying that “Rater Dhaka is awesome.” Dhaka comes alive at night. People from different classes gather here & there for their evening snacks. You will find a variety of snacks on the streets, roadside shops or in the restaurants at night which basically starts from the afternoon; mostly at evening. The new beauty of Dhaka city, especially at night, should be seen. You can have fresh air and watch any of lake and lighting bridge at night at Hatirjheel. The entire area of Hatirjheel is designed with some major and minor bridges and several flyovers and other bridges. This area has been decorated with flowering shrubs and trees. You are going to fall for Dhaka at night. 

Actually, it’s kind of tough making a list of the best things to do in Dhaka as there are lots of things to do here. So the best option is to make a tour to Dhaka & add other best things that you did on your trip. Happy travelling.