Ways to Embrace Spring

It’s about time we start embracing spring, regardless of if the weather (or a global pandemic) permits. This year, we want to encourage you to bring spring indoors with some of our favourite Canadian products so that you can enjoy the season from the comfort of our couch- no mask necessary.

1. Wildflower Workout 

Continue your at-home workouts (or your casual work-from-home attire) with stunning wildflower workout gear that will make you look and feel like Mother Nature’s posh sister.
2. Fruity Facial Cream
Feel like you’ve stepped foot into an orchard with this sweet-smelling facial cream formulated with argan, sunflower, and orange blossom (neroli) oil.
3. Spruce Up Your Bath
Who needs hot springs when you can have your own private spruce-scented bath? These bath salts will fill your bathroom with a clean, woodsy scent with ingredients like black spruce oil, lavender oil, and rose geranium oil.
4. Fill The Room With Floral
Take a breath of fresh air when you light up this fragrant floral candle composed of plant-based wax.
5. Botanical Body Care
Infused with hydrating jojoba and rosehip oil, this Botanical Body Lotion is a best seller and is sure to keep all of your nooks and crannies soft and moisturized.
6. Plant-Powered Protein Shake
Incorporate plants into your morning shake or smoothie with Niyama’s vanilla-flavored Organic Plant Protein made up of organic pea protein and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.