10 Pakistani Must Watch Dramas 

Written by Rafay Shareef

The zeal and aura of Pakistani drama back then was inexpressible. Those were the days of golden era for Pakistani drama industry. Then suddenly our industry lost the shine but this did not stop our writers and directors to have a setback. We have seen an extraordinary revival in our drama industry since we began to tackle with social issues that are once considered taboos. Let’s have a look on the best Pakistani drama’s. 


Dhuwaan was the result of Ashir azeem’s hardwork and dedication towards the development of his country. A CSS graduate left civil service and started writing to express his views. This drama revolves around some friends who want to bring a positive change in the society. In a nutshell Dhuwaan was a classic and evergreen drama that has an ability to bound the audience for hours. Filled with humor, action and almost every element of classic production. This makes the drama stand on the top of the list. 


This series is based on a novel “Bano”, highlighting the life before partition of 1947. This series depicts the love story of a couple which was ruined by the events of rioting and chaos in 1947. Later the girl became mentally ill after being separated from the love of her life. This drama then soon turns into a bloodshed which primarily highlights the subtle instability at the time of partition. This bloody partition destroyed the lives of both the couples. The way this story was presented is beyond words and this is the reason one should surely watch this drama. 


This serial was directed by our veteran actor and director Sarmad KhoosatHumsafar is based in a novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq. He penned down the love story which started as a dramatic arrange marriage. Khirad and Ashar, the protagonist was married forcefully due to an unforeseen death of Khirad’s mother. But there was someone who was not happy at all with this marriage. Sara, Ashar’s best friend because she was already in love with him. The chemistry between the lead pair is one of the reason this drama is a must watch. Humsafar is considered to be the game changer and revival of Pakistan drama industry after a long time.  

Zindagi Gulzaar Hai 

This is also a romance drama alike Humsafar. In this drama the story revolves around a couple whose families are poles apart. One of the protagonist belongs to a rich family and the other one to a very middle class family. They both met at the university where they fell in love with each other. But one the contrary the girl was fighting against her uncooperative father and her insecurities at the university. While on the other hand the guy who belongs to a rich family, spends his life without any limitations. This drama has focused the livelihoods of both, a middle class family as well as the elite class in such a well manner that does not anyone’s sentiments. The script and drama have made this serial a must watch. 


Alif was a retrospective drama with a subject matter of spirituality. This drama showed us the real meaning between modernism and Islam. This drama created such an immense impact on the soul that will shook your chords. The relation between the creator and the creation was presented so beautifully that you cannot even imagine. A pure nature’s vision was summed up in this serial. This drama has made a history and it’s going to be the best drama of the decade. 


Udaari is based on true events of pedophile which took place in Kasur and also revolves around a village girl who wants to follow her passion of singing but her fiancé refuses to allow her explore her singing talent. This story also tells us about the obstacles which women had to face to follow her dream. The story raised awareness related to many issues such as child abuse, caste based discrimination and the hurdles faced by the women in the society. This drama is a master bluster and one should give it a watch. 


Pakistan drama industry has started making content on social issues and Ruswai is one of them. It is based on a true story of girl being gang raped. Talking on such issues was ones considered as a taboo but after screening of Ruswai people are now taking steps against the accused. This heart-wrenching story highlights the difficulties of a rape survivor about how they are treated in our society and how their families are being betrayed at the judiciary level. The story clearly defines how redundant our service institutions are. One should not miss this drama. 


Another masterpiece provided by our industry, highlighting the issue about how powerful people oppress the innocents. This drama is a crime thriller followed by suspense which revolves around a guy who tries to rape a girl and ended up killing her. But due to his powerful influence and with the power of money it was really difficult to hold him accountable for his criminal act. This drama depicts how these powerful people rule over the innocents and how they treat them brutally. It also tells us how hard it is to demand justice against these strong people. The twist and the plot made this drama more interesting and a must watch.  

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi 

One of the most iconic drama of Pakistan television industry. This drama is about two different people, one is Noori who is a street sweeper’s daughter, a fierce and a rebel person. On the other hand, Bhola who is a mentally challenged person who has just grown up physically but not mentally. Due to which he faces many difficulties in the society. He is often provoked by the people in his surroundings. This drama reflects the life of such disabled people and how they fight with the society. The story is unique and the piece of work every single character has contributed in this drama is also beyond words. 

Akhri Station 

Akhri station is a TV drama miniseries which evolves around 7 women from 7 different regions and live seven different lives. This drama dwell upon the social issues which women face on daily basis and the plague of injustice which has rotten our society. The issue which women face usually go unnoticed or being deliberately ignored under the name of honour, but this drama creates an awareness regarding what women has to go after in this society. This miniseries shredded the light on the issues such as forced prostitution, drugs addition and HIV. The way all these taboo topics were elaborated in the miniseries makes it a treat to watch for the viewers.  

All these aforementioned dramas are a clear example of what Pakistan drama industry has produced for its audience and how they creating awareness in the people on a large scale with such quality content. Hope you will enjoy watching these dramas.