Areej Chaudhary is the new Miss Earth Pakistan 2020

Areej Chaudhary – Miss Earth Paksitan 2020

Areej Chaudhary, the newly crowned Miss Pakistan World 2020, did not know that she would be representing Pakistan so quickly in the world’s third largest pageant. In about just under two months, she was appointed the 10th Miss Earth Pakistan to represent Pakistan in a first ever virtual Miss Earth.

How a virtual pageant works is through online live Facebook and Youtube interviews. The groups of contestants are divided under continents, like Americas, Asia, Africa, Pacific and Europe. Interviews are scheduled as per the continents. Even though it is a longer process, however pageant gurus are having a lot of fun with this new concept.

As for Pakistan, it did extremely well in the Earth Talks Segment, but was unable to pull in the talent segment, as the timeframe that Areej Chaudhary got was just about 2 hours to prepare for the dance segment. Kudos to her for making it happen and fans were shocked to see Pakistan pull through, as the previous

Areej Chaudhary – Miss Earth Paksitan 2020

contestant got replaced due to not having the right wardrobe to present in the pageant. Pakistan has always won the talent segment at least twice in the last 10 years of its participation. Hopefully Pakistan will live up to its standards, as the photo shoots, and the interviews and the preparations are all happening on the soil of Pakistan, which is a first for the Miss Pakistan World company.

Areej Chaudhary is a model and is focussed on her acting career as well. She studied in Islamabad, Pakistan and graduated in psychology. Due to her devotion towards helping animals she is now the Ambassador of a well-known animal shelter called “JFK Animal Shelter & Rescue,” in Lahore Pakistan. She has passionately promoted awareness on the subject of animal abuse on national media in Pakistan.


Areej Chaudhary – Miss Earth Pakistan 2020

Areej Chaudhary’s advocacy is planting trees as the government of Pakistan has asked every citizen to be a part of planting 1 billion trees in about four years. So even before the Miss Earth competition began she was part of a campaign to plant more trees in Pakistan. She is a strong advocate of working towards a better environment and is currently working towards ending deforestation. Planting trees and ending deforestation is something every Pakistani is passionate about ever since the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan initiated this movement. Hence, the youth of Pakistan are now focussed on creating a green Pakistan, which in turn will help “Mother Earth” greatly. Areej Chaudhary, Miss Earth Pakistan 2020 believes that planting one tree can give us an extended time of clean air on this planet. So she is focussed on creating that environment for her nation as a whole as well as representing Pakistan in the Miss Earth 2020 pageant!