Canadian Brand Bravado Launches Seamless Bras

Bravado MUSE Collection

Bravado Designs, the Canadian brand behind top-selling maternity and nursing bras has leveraged its success in creating bras for pregnant and breastfeeding women to design two seamless, wire-free styles for everyday wear. Launching exclusively in Canada, its most successful market, on May 13, 2020 at, Bravado’s MUSE and SCULPT bras have been designed be to supportive and incredibly comfortable as well as specially sized to adapt to a woman’s shape, size and fluctuations. 

“Women kept telling us that they were wearing their Bravado bras way past nursing because they couldn’t find the comfort and style they loved about our design in an everyday bra,” says Bravado Senior Director of Marketing Jennifer Sparks. “We knew we had an opportunity to bring this positive experience from our nursing moms to all women.” Through its rigorous TestWear Program, Bravado works daily alongside hundreds of women of all shapes, sizes and stages. “Our design team listens, measures, compiles

Bravado MUSE – Black and Antique White

feedback and then repeats each step until the design is perfect,” says Bravado Senior Design Manager Lisa Stanton. “This information guides us as we create new and innovative designs that combine comfort and style.” Bravado Designs has created straight-forward and accommodating alpha-sizing (S, M, L, XL and Full Cup) making it extremely easy for women to find a bra that fits them and not the other way around. The super soft, luxurious fabric provides the right combination of stretch and knit-in zones for support to ensure a comfortable fit and are specially designed to work across a variety of cup and band size ranges within one size. By taking the guesswork out of the fitting process, Bravado is changing the way women can purchase bras online. For more information, please visit –