Cocotokx – Coconut based beauty care

Coconut Oil in itself heals the skin and helps the scalp providing moisturizer from the root to the ends. Coconut oil is known as a super food and helps both internally and externally. The unique thing about Coconut oil is that it is almost 100% fat and the fat helps with keeping the hair and skin well moisturized. However, when you infuse it with other superfoods or ingredients then it helps the body further. Here are 4 amazing Coconut Oil products by Cocotokx  that are infused with rose, mocha and vanilla.  

Rose Gold Coconut

Rose Gold Coconut Oil – Roses heal your skin and the coconut will helps soothe it too. One can slather the skin in this divine smelling oil.

This amazing smelling oil does the following: 

  • Helps Skin Heal 
  • Moisturizing 
  • Fights Inflammation 
  • Stress Relieving 
  • Hair Hydration 
  • Protects against wrinkles 
  • Fights Boils, Rashes, Ulcers, and Acne 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: This “Rose” infused Coconut oil, gives it a very rose scent and this coconut oil was best used for the body as a moisturizer! 

Mocha Gold Coconut Oil – There’s nowhere you can go without hearing or seeing these two caffeinated God’s. So why not mix them with the golden nectar that is Coconut oil. Get smooth radiantly glowing skin with Cocotokxs’ own Mocha Gold. This divine mixture helps in the following: 

Mocha Gold Coconut Oil

  • Repairs Skin Cells 
  • Prevents Sun Damage 
  • Theobromine 
  • Smoother and healthier looking skin 
  • Improves skin elasticity 
  • Improves skin hydration 
  • Improves skin complexion 
  • Makes hair shiny and soft 
  • Prevents breakage 
  • Improves blood flow and makes your skin appear radiant and bright 
  • Vitamin B3 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: This “Mocha” infused Coconut oil, gives it a very coffee/chocolate scent and this coconut oil was best used for the body as a moisturizer as well as for hands! We loved this unique combination of mocha and coconut! 

Vanilla Gold Coconut Oil – Vanilla ’s not just the next ingredient to your cupcake recipe, it is the next item on your skincare checklist. This delicious spice is packed full of anti-oxidants, niacin, thiamin, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid. It leaves your skin soft and smooth, your hair strong and long and leaves you smelling, not like a cupcake but a goddess! Infusing White Gold Coconut Oil with real Madagascan vanilla bean was… fireworks, they both have incredible beauty benefits and make you feel beyond gorgeous when used. 

  • Rich in anti-oxidant, helps prevent the breakdown of

    Vanilla Gold Coconut Oil

    cells and tissues around the body 

  • Stimulates the body’s natural regrowth 
  • Strengthens hair 
  • Induces blood flow to the scalp encouraging growth and more and aesthetically pleasing hair 
  • Fights against acne and their underlying infections pleasing 
  • Speed up healing process of the skin 
  • Source of B-vitamins like Niacin, Thiamin, Vitamin B6 and Pantothenic acid 
  • Protects skin from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins body 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: This “Vanilla” infused Coconut oil, gives it a very strong vanilla scent and this coconut oil was best used for both the body as a moisturizer and the hair as a conditioner! 

White Gold Coconut Oil – A coconut oil like no other, White Gold Coconut oil smells better, melts easier and is silkier than your average coconut oil. Every batch is hand-cracked, hand-made with no additives or preservatives keeping all of its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory Skin nourishing, beauty-loving goodness! 

White Gold Coconut Oil

This while Gold Coconut Oil is a facial cleanser, cuticle oil, moisturizer, massage oil and helps in reduces inflammation and helps in healing the skin. This also helps as a hair conditioner, as it gives moisture to the dry scalps.  

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: The White Gold Coconut Oil can be used for the face, hair and body. We found that it was smoother than the other coconut oils as it melted faster! 

We used all the four coconut oils, and even though the moisturizing benefits are there, due to the presence of coconut oil, we found that the different additions to the oils, helped perfume it differently and also the infused ingredients gave it a whole different feel!