kaia naturals: solution to clean skin

the takesumi bright

kaia naturals is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Their products are produced under Health Canada regulations and to ensure that they are offering consumers some of the cleanest products in the world we formulate to strict EU standardsEvery scent used in the products are specially formulated by a renowned perfumer to a natural fragrance certification standard set by The International Fragrance Association IFRA. 

kaia naturals is partnered with some of the cleanest beauty retailers in the world, as third party verification that our company meets a high clean beauty standard. 

the takesumi bright 

A powerful underarm brightening duo. ​

kaia naturals

Amplify the effects of brightening ingredients with this two-step layering skincare system. Designed for speed in brightening and minimizing the appearance of dark spot pigmentation in the underarm region due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

STEP ONE: Use the takesumi brightening bar daily in the shower. Moisten the bar and lather in the underarm region for 30 seconds to allow the actives to penetrate the area before rinsing off.  

STEP TWO: Follow with the takesumi brightening deodorant for speed in brightening results. Apply to clean, dry underarms. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: Both these products are made for the Southasian, Middle-Eastern, as well as South American skin tones. The takesumi brightening bar is exactly like a magic eraser, removing any stubborn dark patches on the body. In just one week, there was a significant different in skin color and skin tone.

takesumi brightening deodorant

The takesumi brightening deodorant is definitely needed with the takesume brightening daily bar, as both go hand in hand. The deodorant works non-stop and the next morning the daily soap bar, removes whatever is left. So, the takesumi duo brightens the appearance of dark spots and protects against odour-causing bacteria, which is what is needed. The overall texture is matte but the best thing about both the products are the ingredients! The takesumi products are very gentle on the skin, and with just a few uses, one can see the difference. One feels dry all the time with the takesumi bright “deodorant.”

We enjoyed this product, as it has helped in clearing the skin, as well as removing any dark spots. The soap can be used on other parts of the body as well, as we found the soap to be gentle enough. All in all, this set is a must have in all southasian households, as it really works and you can be relaxed as the ingredients are clean and natural.


takesumi brightening bar

  • Do not use bar to shave underarms. Do not use after shaving. Always shave in the evening and allow your skin to calm before using this product. 
  • Do not use deodorant after shaving or waxing. Always shave at night and allow the skin to calm down before applying deodorant .
  • Some may notice slight redness or discomfort after using the deodorant for the first time. In order to ensure you can use the formula test the deodorant on your forearm for 24 hours before applying it on your underarms. Look for any unusual reactions.  
  • Once dark spots are minimized, continue to use the deodorant for lasting results.