MONDAY Haircare Is Changing The Game

Introducing Salon Quality Haircare At Affordable Prices 

As far as days of the week go, Monday’s got some image issues. 

MONDAY is here to change that by giving the start of the week a new look and smoothing-out those misconceptions. And just like Monday’s reputation, we’re here to change the state of play in the haircare industry. 

MONDAY is the brainchild of New Zealand entrepreneur and beauty enthusiast Jaimee Lupton, who was inspired to create a range of products that provide the benefits of salon quality formulations to all shoppers. “I’m a huge believer that every person, no matter their story, should be entitled to look and feel good. The lack of transparency and extortionate pricing across the beauty sector is what gave me the idea to start MONDAY,” says Jaimee. 


MONDAY takes the lead, so say goodbye to Sunday Scaries and welcome your best hair yet.  Because why should Fridays have all the fun? 

An explosive hit upon launch in Australia and New Zealand, MONDAY caused sellout in-store and newsworthy sales and after only six weeks on shelf, became the best-selling haircare collection in its domestic market. MONDAY has now shipped over 2 million bottles internationally since launch in March 2020. 


Bringing a positive, playful and pink attitude to your routine, MONDAY launches with four targeted ranges, each with a shampoo and conditioner featuring premium formulations with a focus on natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and ginger root extract, ensuring quick absorption of the formulation into hair follicles; keeping the hair healthy, soft and shiny. 

Four ranges make up the MONDAY collection:  

  • VOLUME: for thin and lifeless hair 
  • GENTLE: for delicate hair and scalps 
  • MOISTURE: for dry and damaged hair 
  • SMOOTH: for frizzy and dull hair 

Engineered to perform better than leading salon brands, their formulations have been through seven stages of research and development. MONDAY prides itself on having the most modern formulations available – avoiding the likes of Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) and parabens without compromising on the wash experience. The formulations, which are dermatologically tested, feature a unique mix of low irritants and strong surfactants, ensuring a minimal risk of scalp irritation while delivering a quality clean.  Being cruelty-free is one of MONDAY’s core values; the range is proudly PETA-approved and vegan. 

Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, who is committed to reducing waste and social responsibility.  Bottles are proudly made with recyclable HDPE plastic and pumps are made with 100% recyclable plastic through the use of PP material, to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint and reduce landfill.

“The distinctive square shape is not just aesthetic – it means the bottles can be packed much tighter and more efficiently to distributors. All the labelling on pack is screen-printed straight onto the surface to avoid any glue residue left behind,” notes Jaimee. 


Launching mid-February in various Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart locations nationwide. 

CAD $4.03 for 354ml  / CAD $8.09 for 798ml at Walmart 

CAD $4.81 for 354ml / CAD $9.63 for 798ml at Shoppers Drug Mart 


Jaimee Lupton has met so many wonderful, talented women over the years who inspired her to launch MONDAY. MONDAY celebrates a new generation of empowered women and leaders in their craft by building an inclusive community of ‘MONDAY Muses’, who are encouraged to share stories about their challenges and inspirations, both in beauty and in business. To welcome the brand in Canada, MONDAY welcomes serial entrepreneur, owner of Kastor & Pullox and Forbes 30 Under 30 Dani Roche and CEO of Build with Bloom and activist, Avery Francis, to the MONDAY muse team.